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Gratiwis launched brand-new Video Creation Challenge with the biggest contest

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Gratiwis has recently launched a new course challenge centered around Video  Creation. Participants in this challenge have an opportunity to win a reward of $450. It’s an exciting chance for content creators to showcase their skills, learn new techniques, and gain recognition.

In addition to the course challenge, Gratiwis is also hosting a contest with an even bigger reward. The winner of this contest stands to gain a staggering $15,000. It’s a fantastic opportunity and a testament to Gratiwis’ commitment to fostering creativity and talent.

Continuing on, Gratiwis is not just providing a platform for creators to display their skills, but also a learning environment. The course challenge is designed in such a way that it encourages participants to explore new techniques in video creation, helping them to enhance their skills further.

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Gratiwis also stands out for the variety of courses and challenges it offers. In total, there are 15 different courses and challenges, each designed to cater to different interests and skill levels. These include the Weight Loss Challenge, the Productivity Challenge, the Makeup Challenge, and the Math Challenge, among others. Each challenge is meticulously designed and curated, providing a unique learning experience for all participants.

The Math Challenge, in particular, has seen an overwhelming response. With an impressive count of 90,000 participants, it has the most enrollment out of all the challenges. This is a testament to the appeal and effectiveness of the courses Gratiwis offers.

But these challenges are not just about competing and winning. They are also about learning and growing. With each challenge, participants get the opportunity to explore new techniques, enhance their skills, and broaden their knowledge in multiple areas. This commitment to fostering learning and creativity is what makes Gratiwis stand out.


How Gratiwis model works:


Pick any courses in different areas

Gratiwis offers a lot of high-quality trainings from top experts with years of practical experience. You have unlimited opportunities to learn and earn!


Complete courses and get rewards from it

Some courses will take a few hours to complete, while others will take a few days. All you need to do is watch all the lessons and complete the course tasks.


Withdraw your earnings via any methods

Once you complete the course, you will be notified by your personal tutor on the platform. Gratiwis connected more than 15+ methods to allow users to withdraw earnings fast and easily: PayPal, Wise, Payonerr, crypto payments, etc.

Overall, these initiatives by Gratiwis offer promising opportunities for content creators, giving them a chance to not only win big but also to learn and grow in their field.

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