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Lincolnshire Dad Raises Concerns Over Council House Safety

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Disabled Holbeach resident Says His Council Property Is Not Safe

The disabled dad of three said he “doesn’t feel safe” in his own home after the kitchen ceiling collapsed.


A disabled dad who has asked his council for help has said he does not feel safe in his home after the kitchen ceiling collapsed.

The 51-year-old disabled father of three who has a council house in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, which is 8 miles from Spalding; 17 miles from Boston claims the council property puts him and his family in danger.

Last year, while Ian Miller was tidying up the kitchen with his son, a part of the ceiling suddenly collapsed. This alarming incident not only caused damage but also put the safety of Mr. Miller and his son at risk.

Recounting the incident, Mr. Miller described it as “an almighty great crash” that led to his son being hit by falling debris and him experiencing an asthma attack due to the dust.

Ian Miller, who is registered disabled and suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), already faces multiple challenges in his daily life.

COPD, a condition that causes breathing difficulties, requires a safe and healthy living environment. Unfortunately, Mr. Miller claims that the council house has additional issues that exacerbate his concerns.

Prior to the ceiling collapse, Mr. Miller had already spent thousands of pounds of his own money to address damp and mould issues in the house.

These problems can have serious health implications, especially for individuals with respiratory conditions like COPD. Mr. Miller’s efforts to tackle these issues on his own highlight the urgency of the situation and the impact it has on his family’s quality of life.

The decision to move to the council house in Holbeach was driven by the need to escape anti-social behaviour problems at Mr. Miller’s previous residence.

Unfortunately, the move has not provided the safe and secure environment he had hoped for. Instead, the current issues with the house have added to his family’s concerns and anxieties.

South Holland District Council, responsible for the maintenance and safety of the property, has acknowledged the reported ceiling issue.

They have scheduled repairs to address the problem. However, Mr. Miller also claims that the bathroom floor is supported by rotten beams, causing it to bounce. This, coupled with the fear of further structural issues, has left his children afraid to use the shower.

In response to Mr. Miller’s concerns, a spokesperson from South Holland District Council stated that the property underwent a full inspection before he moved in, in accordance with their policies and procedures.

The spokesman said: “Before moving in, the property received and passed a full inspection in accordance with our policies and procedures and was found to be free from any form of damp or mould.”


The spokesperson said the debris was cleared on 8 February and works have been scheduled to repair and replaster the ceiling.

“At present we can find no discernible reason as to why this occurred but our Housing Services officers continue their investigations”, they added.

Mr. Miller’s primary concern is to have the council house properly maintained and to provide his family with a decent standard of living.

Moving again would have significant consequences for his children, and he hopes that the necessary repairs and improvements can be made without uprooting their lives once more.



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