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Passengers Upset After Cruise ship MARELLA DISCOVERY 2 Towed Back To Port

  • Marella Discovery 2 towed back to port after suffering from an electrical problem
  • Passengers on-board the Marella Discovery 2 will miss out on the port of Split
  • Marella Discovery 2 passengers will spend an extra day at sea

Passengers on-board Marella Discovery 2 will miss out on the port of Split due to a technical problem


Passengers on-board the popular Marella Discovery 2 cruise ship were shocked yesterday May 14th 2018 when a fault occurred with their ship.

The Marella Discovery 2 was leaving Venice and heading to Split when an electrical fault occurred which disabled the engines. It resulted in the cruise ship being towed back to port by three tugs.

Passengers were informed of the fault and were told engineers were trying to solve the problem as quickly as possible. However, at 8am this morning, the cruise ship with 1836 passengers on-board with a crew of 770 was still stationed at the port.

A spokesman for the TUI group has said they hope to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible.

The fault will mean that passengers on-board the cruise ship will spend an extra day at sea and miss out on the port of Split.

In2town Travel Magazine has spoken to a couple of passengers on-board Marella Discovery 2 who have said they are very unhappy at missing out on the port of Split.

By Nigel Ward


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