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Boston Lincolnshire Motorists Blame Boris Johnson Over Petrol Crisis

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  • Drivers in Boston Lincolnshire put the blame on the petrol crisis on Boris Johnson


After news that the Government could be forced to deploy the army to deliver petrol to Boston Lincolnshire and around the UK, we wanted to find out what the people of Boston thought about the petrol crisis.

We decided to speak to one hundred people in Boston Lincolnshire to see who they blame for the crisis, and what they thought could be done to tackle the shortage of petrol.

According to 88% of people in Boston, they blame Boris Johnson. Some of those people said they thought Boris Johnson was not up to the job of being Prime Minister, while others believe the Prime Minister has been sleeping on the job.

With reports that Lincolnshire Police have received hundreds of phone calls asking where they can buy petrol, the petrol crisis has become one of the most embarrassing mistakes of Boris Johns reign as Prime Minister.

All though in reality there is no petrol shortage, the problem is down to the shortage of HGV drivers, people are asking why Boris Johnson has allowed this to happen.

To help tackle the problem, the government is going to suspend competition law and allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries for petrol stations, particularly those in priority areas that need it most.

Skegness petrol station closed

Boris Johnson is also looking at bringing in the Army to drive petrol tankers and get them to petrol stations around the country.

Even though Boris Johnson is looking to solve the problem, many of those living in Boston Lincolnshire believe it is too little and too late.

We spoke to a Paramedic in Boston who did not wish to be named who said she was shocked by the crisis.

She explained to Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle that she has never seen anything like it.

“This is just another in a long line of errors by Boris Johnson and the Conservative Government. She said people believe that Ambulance stations have their own petrol supplies which is not the case. Most of us have to visit their local petrol station to fill up, and during the crisis it has taken many ambulances off the road while they look for supplies.”

She not only wants Boris Johnson to sort out the problem, but she also wants the Government to provide all emergency service stations with their own petrol supplies. According to the Paramedic, the petrol crisis is putting lives at risk.

Boris Johnson who has been slammed for relaxing rules to bring in 10000 foreign workers to sort out the HGV driver’s problem has been told to resign my 61% of those living in Boston.

Although people are asking for Boris Johnson to resign after his many mistakes, 49% of those people we have spoken to did not feel that Labour were the answer to the country’s problems. Many believe that Labour do not have a leader that is capable to run the country.

Lincolnshire Police are asking for calm during the petrol crisis.

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