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Police Inspector Accused Of Smack Officers Bottom


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Lincolnshire Police Inspector Accused of Inappropriate Behaviour: Misconduct Hearing Unveils Allegations

Lincolnshire Police inspector smacked officer’s bottom, a hearing has been told. Adam Syred is accused of 14 allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards female colleagues and the public.


A misconduct hearing in Skegness has heard some shocking and serious allegations about a Lincolnshire Police Inspector.

Lincolnshire Police inspector, Adam Syred is facing a total of 14 accusations of inappropriate behaviour towards female colleagues and the public. The allegations, which date back to October 2019, include claims of physical misconduct, as well as making sexual or personal remarks.

During the opening day of the hearing, the Lincolnshire Police inspector was confronted with one officer’s account of an alleged incident.

The officer claimed that while enjoying a night out with colleagues at The Joseph Morton pub in Louth, Inspector Syred smacked her bottom.

The officer expressed her discomfort, stating that the action was neither welcome nor wanted. She later admitted regretting not reporting the incident at the time.

Inspector Syred, however, either denied the allegations or stated that he had no recollection of the incident.

The accusations against Inspector Syred include a pattern of behaviour that could significantly undermine public confidence in the police force. The alleged incidents are said to have occurred on multiple occasions since October 2019.

In addition to the physical misconduct, Inspector Syred is accused of making sexual or personal remarks towards both colleagues and members of the public.

One officer testified that Inspector Syred introduced himself as the new inspector for the area during the night out at The Joseph Morton pub.

Later in the evening, he allegedly touched her inappropriately, which left her shocked and questioning why anyone would think she would welcome such behaviour.

She also revealed that Inspector Syred laughed with his wife after the incident, further adding to her distress.

The same officer alleged that Inspector Syred brought sweets in for colleagues at Christmas and placed them in a large “Santa” sack, before making a suggestive remark.

He asked her, “Would you like a rummage through my sack?” Such comments were clearly inappropriate and unprofessional.

Inspector Syred’s misconduct extended beyond verbal remarks. The officer claimed that he tried to initiate a conversation with her about the television show Naked Attraction, which made her uncomfortable.

She also witnessed him performing lunges and squats in her direction, dressed in shorts and running gear. These actions, combined with his position of authority, created an environment where the officer felt subjected to unwanted advances and a misuse of power.

Perhaps one of the most alarming allegations against Inspector Syred was the claim that he took a photograph of the officer while she was asleep, stating that he might “need it for later.”

This invasion of privacy and the implied threat left the officer feeling violated and deeply disturbed.

During the misconduct hearing, Steven Reed, the representative for Inspector Syred, challenged the credibility of one officer’s perception of events, suggesting that her view of Inspector Syred had been “coloured” by the earlier incident at the pub.

The allegations against Inspector Syred raise serious concerns about the conduct and professionalism within the Lincolnshire Police force.

Inappropriate behaviour towards colleagues and the public not only undermines the trust and confidence in the police but also creates a hostile work environment for those affected.



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