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More Skegness Bus Cancellations Announced By Stagecoach

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  • Stagecoach cancel more Skegness bus routes


In 2021 you would have thought Skegness would have a professional bus service, but it seems not.

Stagecoach who has angered residents and holidaymakers in Skegness have yet again announced more bus cancellations

The bus company who keeps blaming the bus cancellations on staff shortages but seem in no hurry to fix the problem, have left people turning to taxis and walking to their destinations.

Lincolnshire County Council who are not making any comment on the shocking bus service being provided by Stagecoach have not done anything to solve the problem.

It is not just Skegness who have had to suffer a shocking bus service from Stagecoach but other areas in Lincolnshire. They include Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, and Spalding, to name a few


Here is a list of the services which are cancelled:


Bus services cancelled on Friday, October 29


Service 1 – Skegness to Chapel St Leonards


11.35am, 1.35pm, 6.05pm, 8.05pm, 10.02pm.


Service 1 – Chapel St Leonards to Skegness


12.10pm, 2.10pm, 6.40pm, 8.35pm, 10.35pm.


Service 3 – Skegness to Anchor Lane


9am, 9.40am, 10.20am, 5pm, 6.20pm.


Service 3 – Anchor Lane to Skegness


9.35am, 10.15am, 10.55am, 5.35pm, 6.55pm.


Service 56 – Skegness to Lincoln




Service 56 – Lincoln to Skegness




Service 57 – Skegness to Spalding




Service 57 – Spalding to Skegness




Service 59 – Skegness to Mablethorpe



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