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Piers Morgan Is Worried About Phillip Schofield

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Piers Morgan Thinks Phillip Schofield Could Return To TV

Controversial TV presenter Piers Morgan has said that he is worried about the former This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield.

Piers Morgan who said that he has spoken to Phillip Schofield following his forced resignation from the ITV This Morning show has said the former presenter is struggling.

Phillip Schofield who admitted an affair with a younger man who was employed by ITV This Morning has tried to get the public onside with a set of interviews. However, even though Piers Morgan believes his pal will make a comeback, he has said the affair revelation has hit him hard.

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Speaking to The Sun at The TRIC Awards, Piers said: “I’ve been in touch with Phillip, and I think he’s struggling. It’s tough to leave any big job, let alone when it’s a big scandal. But he’ll be back. I think he can bounce back. I think the more its gone on, the more people are thinking, what exactly did he do that was so heinous.

phillip schofield could write a book

“Unless a crime was committed or unless the other party involved decides to contradict something that Phillip is saying, you take it for what it is I’m not entirely sure why the world went completely nuts.”

Piers Morgan has praised Phillip Schofield for admitting to the mistakes that he has made. He went on to say that he would like to see Phillip Schofield given a second chance and even joked that he could join him on Talk TV.

“I think he was very raw and emotional, and I think that’s the best time to give an interview because you are at your most honest,” he added.

Although Piers Morgan would like to see Phillip Schofield given another chance, the general public don’t see it that way. When we recently did a poll with our readers in London, Manchester, Skegness, Louth, Doncaster, Boston, Grimsby, and Liverpool, we found that 71% didn’t want Phillip Schofield to return to TV.

Holly Willoughby has managed to ride through the storm, even though viewers of This Morning would like to see her resign. Some viewers cannot understand why she is still a presenter of the popular ITV show after claiming she must have known about the scandal.

Some TV experts believe that Phillip Schofield could make a comeback by appearing on ITV Celebrity Jungle.



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