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More Electric Vehicle Charging Points To Be Installed in Lincolnshire


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Lincolnshire County Council have won funding to install electric charging points for vehicles

There is good news for electric vehicle owners in Lincolnshire. More electric vehicle charging points are going to be installed around the Lincolnshire area after Lincolnshire County Council won extra funding.

Lincolnshire electric vehicle owners have been struggling to find places to charge their vehicles with the lack of charging points available. Some of those areas that have become a huge problem for electric vehicle owners includes Skegness, Boston, and Lincoln.

With news that Lincolnshire County Council have been granted £5.6m, Councillor Richard Davies has said the money will be used to boost the number of electric charging points in Lincolnshire.

The funding which has come from the government’s Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund would “have a very positive effect”, he added.

Mr Davies said the council was “continually keen to make greener choices”.

He added: “We know many Lincolnshire residents and businesses have already, or are planning to, make the switch to an electric vehicle well ahead of the ban coming in seven years’ time.”

Finding somewhere to charge an electric vehicle in Lincolnshire is not the only problem that people face. There is a serious lack of information on the benefits of electric vehicles and how to work out the true cost of running an electric vehicle compared to a

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