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White Police Officers Promoted More Than Black Police Officers

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Black Police Officers Are Not Being Promoted According To New Figures


It has been reported that Black, Asian, and Mixed-race police officers are being passed over for promotion. According to the figures, if you are a white police officer then you are 24 times more likely to be promoted than non-white officers.

In the past three years only 32 black and 289 Asian or mixed raced police officers were promoted. This figure is shocking when you look at the number of white police officers promoted. In the same time-period, 7,766 white police officers were promoted, showing little improvement has been made in the police force to provide equal opportunities to all.

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One police officer who did not wished to be named told In2Town he was disappointed. He explained if you are not a white police officer then who are held at a disadvantage and less likely to be promoted than white officers.

“When I joined, I thought things had changed. I honestly believed all the talk about tackling racism in the police force was true and everyone had the same opportunities of career advancement. However, little has changed and if you are not white then you may as well forget about going for promotion.”

These new findings will do little to convince people that the police force provide opportunities for all.

The National Black Police Association said about the new figures: “Policing needs to understand the -valuable contribution senior BAME officers can bring to policing diverse communities.”

black police officers not promotedThese new shocking figures come less than a week after In2town Lifestyle Magazine reported how a senior black police officer was stopped by two white police officers while driving home for no reason. Charles Ehikioya, 55, who is taking action against the Met has made a formal complaint and is now looking at taking the Met to court. The Met has denied his claim.

The Home Office have said they are making major changes within the police force

A spokesman for the National Black Police Association said: “Despite an ­unprecedented number of initiatives – including setting targets for the ­percentage of BAME officers in forces, positive action ­programmes and direct entry – the impact on BAME representation in policing has been negligible.

“As part of our action plan, we are looking into how we can best encourage BAME officers to apply for senior positions and support them.”



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