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Mablethorpe Beach Beats Skegness Beach According To New Report

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  • A new report from The Times has named Mablethorpe Beach as the third best beach in the East Of England, beating Skegness


Mablethorpe tourism has received a major boost after their beach was named as the third best beach in the East Of England. The report from The Times ranked Mablethorpe Beach above Skegness Beach which did not make it in the top eight beaches report.

The Times report mentioned the immaculate prom and was impressed with the ice-cream vendors, beach huts, and chippies. They also highlighted the cafes, water quality as excellent, and also accessibility to toilets as well as the beach being dog friendly.

The Times said: “Don’t let the grim-looking hinterland put you off. Climb the ramp past the Queens Park Close flats and behold the clean, soft, flat sands of a resort that hides its light under bushels of bingo halls, tattoo parlours, and discount megastores.” Urging the initial appearance of the town not to put tourists off the beach itself.

Although this is great news for Mablethorpe, the people of Skegness are shocked that their beach did not rank among the best beaches of the East Of England 2022 report.

Skegness Beach has always been a popular beach that gets filled in the summer. The local people of Skegness have always been proud of their beach and those that come to the resort on holiday love spending their time there.

We took to the beach to speak to holidaymakers to get their thoughts on Skegness Beach not being named in the top eight beaches in the East Of England. This is what they had to say.

Susan Marshall from Manchester who has been coming to Skegness with her children for the past four years said she was shocked that Skegness Beach did not get a mention. Although she admitted that Mablethorpe has a lovely beach, she also said that Skegness was just as good and possibly even better.

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Mark Shaws from Lincoln who has come to Skegness for a short break said that Skegness Beach should have come in first place.

Tina Wright from Scarborough who has been coming to Skegness on and off for the past ten years said Skegness is a lovely beach that should have beaten Mablethorpe as the best beach. However, she did admit that more could be done to improve the beach and the promenade.

“The local council should be improving the look of the promenade and sort out the litter problem.”

Although The Times did not mention Skegness in their top beaches in the East Of England, it seems holidaymakers who love Skegness and those who live here believe that it should have. 


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