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Great Lincolnshire COVID Cases Drop by 20%

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  • This week’s COVID cases drop by 20% in Greater Lincolnshire


The number of COVID cases reported in Greater Lincolnshire this week have dropped by 20%. However, the number of coronavirus deaths in Greater Lincolnshire has increased.

Although the cases are dropping, people in Greater Lincolnshire including Louth, Skegness, Grimsby, Spalding, Boston, and Grantham are being advised to get double jabbed and to have their booster jab.

Parents are also being advised to have their children vaccinated due to the rising number of COVID cases in school children.

The number of new COVID cases this week in Greater Lincolnshire stand at 3,360. This does not reflet the national coronavirus cases which continue to increase.

According to Government data, there have been 12 COVID deaths in Lincolnshire this week. That is a big increase compared to last week where there were eight deaths. There were nine deaths reported at Greater Lincolnshire hospitals compared to eight last week.


The latest COVID stats for Lincolnshire are:


    746 new cases of coronavirus in Greater Lincolnshire with 536 in Lincolnshire, 133 in North East Lincolnshire and 77 in North Lincolnshire

    Three further deaths were recorded in the government figures including two Lincolnshire and one North East Lincolnshire resident

    Three further deaths were recorded in Greater Lincolnshire Hospitals with one at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust and two at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Trust


Coronavirus data for Greater Lincolnshire on Thursday, October 28


136,629 cases (up 746)


    91,146 in Lincolnshire (up 536)

    22,181 in North Lincolnshire (up 77)

    23,301 in North East Lincolnshire (up 133)


2,402 deaths (up three)


    1,754 from Lincolnshire (up two)

    329 from North Lincolnshire (no change)

    319 from North East Lincolnshire (up one)


of which 1,443 hospital deaths (up three)


    887 at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (up one)

    44 at Lincolnshire Community Health Service hospitals (no change)

    1 at Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (no change)

    511 in Northern Lincolnshire (NLAG) (up two)

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