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Labour Won’t Win The Next General Election With Keir Starmer As Leader

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Keir Starmer is stopping Labour from winning the next General Election according to the people of Lincolnshire


Boris Johnson has become one of the most unpopular Prime Ministers of all time. However, when the labour party should be celebrating all of his mistakes and lack of popularity, it seems the Labour party has a serious problem and won’t win the next General Election.

After Labour’s defeat in the 2019 general election, Keir Starmer was elected to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in April 2020. Since then, the former lawyer has failed to give Labour leaders confidence in his party and has not really come up with any real policies. This has had some Labour voters calling for the Labour leader to stand down.

At a time when Boris Johnson is letting down the country with rising energy bills, and high petrol prices that are forcing some people to walk to work, the Labour Party should be gaining new voters and clawing back the loyal Labour voters they lost in the last General Election. According to our recent poll, Labour is failing badly, and it is all down to Keir Starmer.

We asked 1000 labour readers in Skegness, Boston, Lincoln, and Scunthorpe if there was a General Election tomorrow with Keir Starmer in charge of the Labour Party how would they vote. The results may seem shocking, but they are not surprising.

Only 525 said they would vote for Labour as they were unsure what Labour’s policies were and they said they didn’t like or trust Keir Starmer.

When the same Labour readers were asked the same question but told that Angela Rayner would be in charge of the party, the number of people who said they would vote for Labour at the next General Election had increased. 740 people said they would vote for Labour if Angela Rayner was in charge.

It seems that Keir Starmer is holding the Labour party back and their lack of policies is also not doing the party any favours. Although Boris Johnson is an unpopular Prime Minister, he could win the next General Election.

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