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Lincolnshire Police Cancel Nearly £2m Speeding Fines

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  • Almost £2m of speeding fines for A1 Grantham have been cancelled by Lincolnshire Police


Questions are being asked today after Lincolnshire Police embarrassingly announced that they were forced to cancel nearly £2m A1 Grantham speeding fines due to a legal error.

Although this is bad news and very embarrassing for Lincolnshire Police, almost 20,000 drivers will be celebrating today after they were told their speeding fine will be cancelled and any points on their licence will be removed.

The speeding fines resulted in a temporary speed restriction being put in place on the A1 at Grantham during roadworks. A temporary speed limit of 50mph limit was put in place. However, there was a fault with the speed camera system which has resulted in the embarrassing move from Lincolnshire Police.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said that all speeding fines between February 16th 2021, and July 10th 2021, will be removed from record due to the technical fault.

“Anyone who has received a speeding fine during this period will be refunded, and any points will be cancelled.”

National Highways blamed the issue on “a discrepancy relating to the temporary traffic order” during Lincolnshire County Council’s project to build a new junction at Grantham.

National Highways and Lincolnshire Police have not gone into more details about the error, but the error related to a speed camera on northbound and one on southbound on the A1 at Grantham.




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