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Boris Johnson Pleads With Parents Send Your Kids Back To School

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Parents Scared Of Sending Their Children Back To School


While tens of thousands of parents are threatening to keep their children at home over fears they could catch COVID-19, Boris Johnson is pleading with parents to send children back to school.

While Boris Johnson and his ministers are saying sending children back to school is the best option and it’s safe not everyone agrees. One woman is trying to take the Government to court to stop them from forcing children into what she claims a dangerous environment.

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It is not just tens of thousands of parents who are threatening to keep their children at home and feel sending them back could be dangerous, some teachers are also scared. It has been reported that some teachers have refused to go back to school until it has been proven it will be safe for them.

Labour has also questioned if now is the right time to send children back to school. They have said sending children back to school at the present moment could be a serious risk.

Boris Johnson wants children at schoolLabour leader Keir Starmer said: “Ministers should have spent the summer implementing a national plan to get all children back to school.

“Instead, the last two weeks have been wasted clearing up a mess of the Government’s own making.”

Boris Johnson has said it is safe to go back to school and keeping children off school could affect their future.

The PM warned parents: “Nothing will have a greater effect on the life chances of our children than returning to school.

“The risk of contracting Covid-19 in school is very small and it is far more damaging for a child’s development and their health and wellbeing to be away from school any longer.

“This is why it’s vitally important that we get our children back into the classroom to learn and to be with their friends.”

The UK Chief Medical Officer has backed the Prime Minister and said children had an “exceptionally low risk of dying” from Covid-19.

The Government has previously said that any parent who keeps their children off school due to being worried about them catching COVID-19 will receive a fine. If Boris Johnson sticks to his threat, then it could risk his hopes of winning a second term as Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson has already seen his odds of winning a second General Election reduced due to his handling of COVID-19 and his refusal to sack members of his Government for breaking rules.

Will you be sending your children back to school, let us know on our official social media accounts?

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