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Viewers Disgusted With Holly Willoughby’s This Morning Statement

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A poll with 1000 readers in London, Manchester, Grimsby, Boston, Skegness, Chester, Lincoln, and Liverpool on 21st May 2023 found that that 75% of viewers wanted Holly Willoughby to leave This Morning. With the outrage of Holly Willoughby’s This Morning Statement, more viewers are calling for ITV to sack Holly or for Holly Willoughby to resign.

Holly Willoughby gave a scripted and soulless statement regarding the Phillip Schofield scandal with many believing that statement was given to help safeguard her career. However, the statement which saw Holly throw Phillip Schofield under the bus backfired.

The This Morning Show started with a statement from Holly Willoughby where the 42-year-old told This Morning’s viewers ‘we gave our love and support to someone who was not telling the truth’. This statement was regards to Phillip Schofield having an affair and lying about it.

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Viewers including Mark from Grimsby hit out at the statement, calling it a PR stunt by Holly Willoughby to distance herself from the man who helped shape her career.

Other viewers including Sarah from Boston said they were shocked with the statement. Sarah and Linda from Skegness said the statement was soulless, while Carol from Manchester said it was clear Holly Willoughby was throwing Phillip Schofield under the bus to save her own career.

When Phillip Schofield came out in 2020 Holly Willoughby said on the This Morning Show, she has “never been more proud of my friend than I have today”. She later added that she would “always be by your side.” However, Holly Willoughby soon forget those words when she later threw Phillip Schofield under the bus over his affair.

Some viewers of This Morning have said they are shocked at how Holly Willoughby has treated the man who helped shape her career. Simon from Liverpool said: “It is not like Phillip Schofield has killed anyone. Yes, I understand that he lied but true and real friends do not abandon their friendship over a lie.”

Nicola from Lincoln said of the statement, “I am shocked that Holly in 2020 said she would always be by his side but now in his hour of need she leaves him high and dry”.

This Morning viewers have hit out at Holly on Twitter. Unconvinced viewers wrote on Twitter: ‘Absolutely shocking statement. It’s only derivative is to bring Phil down more, poor Holly poor me. Also shows how much she despises him & couldn’t care less.’

Another added: ‘Horrible message. I’m done. Switched over & won’t be watching,’ while a third said: ‘Amazing how she is emotional one moment and the next she’s all giggles… like the cat that got the cream.’

Another viewer tweeted: ‘My one and only comment on this. Scripted and souless,’ and someone added: ‘She did well to hold it together although the language was a bit melodramatic.’

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Viewers are now calling for the This Morning editor Martin Frizell to resign and want Holly to leave the show and hand over the reigns to Allison Hammond.

Although Holly Willoughby is struggling to save her This Morning career, according to viewers it is not working. So, will Holly do the right thing, or will she look after number one and ignore what the This Morning viewers want.

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