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Rishi Sunak To Send Channel Migrants To Ascension Island

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Channel Migrants to be Sent to Ascension Island: The Government’s Controversial Plan B

The Government are looking at sending channel migrants to Ascension Island if they cannot send migrants to Rwanda.


Channel migrants have become a huge problem for the UK with some people shocked at how little the Government have done to stop the problem. With promises that illegal migrants would be sent to Rwanda, which has never happened, Rishi Sunak now has a Plan B.

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The government is considering a radical “Plan B” to address the ongoing issue of small boat migrants crossing the Channel. In an attempt to find an alternative solution should the current Rwanda policy fail, ministers are drawing up new proposals to send illegal migrants to Ascension Island, located 4,000 miles away.

The new move has been described as the “sensible thing to do” by government officials. But will it happen and where is the Ascension Island.

Ascension Island, part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. It is a 34 square mile territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. The island is situated 1,000 miles from the coast of Africa and 1,400 miles from the coast of South America.

The government views Ascension Island as a viable alternative should deportation attempts to Rwanda fail. Despite lacking a hospital, it has been designated as a contingency plan by Rishi Sunak.

The potential use of Ascension Island as a deportation location is part of the government’s latest efforts to take a hard stance on immigration. From the beginning of next year, fines for employers who hire illegal migrants are set to triple to £60,000 per employee. This move aims to economically deter businesses from employing undocumented workers, thereby assisting in curbing the activities of people smugglers.

Channel Migrants To Ascension Island

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick shares this view and argues that unscrupulous employers who hire undocumented workers are aiding and abetting people smugglers. This perspective further strengthens the government’s resolve to crack down on illegal migration.

The Home Office is currently considering five other countries, all located in Africa, as potential alternatives to Rwanda. These countries are vying to secure a deal similar to the one proposed with Rwanda. However, the government has not yet determined which option is the most practical should the Rwanda scheme be blocked by the courts.

The government’s choice of Ascension Island as a potential destination for deportation stems from its status as British territory. By using a British territory, the government hopes to avoid some of the legal difficulties associated with deportations to foreign states like Rwanda. However, logistical challenges may arise due to the absence of a hospital on Ascension Island.

Government sources maintain that using Ascension Island as a processing facility rather than a final destination could address some of these logistical concerns. The government believes that sending migrants to Ascension Island is the right and sensible course of action, aligning with the expectations of their voters.

The government’s Rwanda deal, estimated to cost £140 million, was deemed unlawful on human rights grounds in June by the Court of Appeal. Despite this setback, the government remains confident of its legality and awaits the Supreme Court judgment. However, other plans could be utilized if legal challenges persist.

Rishi Sunak To Send Channel Migrants To Ascension Island

Over the weekend, Home Secretary Suella Braverman commented that lawyers who assist migrants in cheating the immigration system “need to be jailed.” This statement reflects the government’s ongoing frustration with legal challenges and the perception that some lawyers are enabling fraudulent behaviour.

Rishi Sunak and the government have been accused for not doing enough to deal with the channel migration problem. With the cost-of-living crisis and with more people homeless than ever before, people are asking why is more than £5 million per day being spent on housing illegal migrants when that money could be spent to help taxpayers.

The illegal migration problem has seen seaside towns lose their hotels to house migrants. Skegness is a prime example. The once popular seaside resort has been damaged by the illegal migration problem.

It was previously reported that the famous Scampton RAF base, the once home of the Red Arrows in Lincoln would be turned into a place to house illegal migrants with locals up in arms over the shocking news.

Although some people understand that people fleeing a dangerous country need help, the big question is, why are people leaving a safe country like France and heading to the UK? Many believe that it is down to the UK being a soft country and our benefit system.

Mark from Boston who disagrees with the news that RAF Scampton is going to be used to house illegal migrants is shocked at how much money is being spent to house them.

He said: “People are struggling daily who have paid their taxes. I have seen a lot of illegal migrants who are walking around with the latest mobile phones and designer clothes while people are struggling to pay their bills.”

Steven Mitchell from Manchester wants to know why most of the illegal migrants are men and why they are not behind bars.

He said: “Coming to the UK without a passport is a crime. They have broken the law so why are they not being housed in a secure location where they cannot leave until they are deported? It makes me laugh that instead of arresting them, we throw money at them.”

The general feeling during our research with people living in Manchester, Scunthorpe, Liverpool, and Grimsby, is where is the money coming from. People want to know why the government is claiming there is no more money to pump into the NHS, but they can spend £5 million a day on people who have never paid any taxes.


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