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Phillip Schofield Plans To Make TV Return

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Phillip Schofield’s Anticipated Return to Television: A Three-Step Revival Plan Unveiled

Former This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield has told friends that he plans to make a TV return after quitting ITV This Morning show.


Renowned television personality, Phillip Schofield, known for his 21-year tenure on ITV’s This Morning, appears to have charted a course for his television comeback. His name may have been removed from this year’s National Television Awards nominations, and his place on the This Morning couch filled, but Schofield has a plan to return, as explained by an industry expert.

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Schofield shocked fans by abruptly leaving the ITV show in May, rumoured to have been stirred by a feud with co-presenter Holly Willoughby. Furthermore, he exited the station entirely following a confession of an ‘imprudent but not illegal’ relationship with a younger colleague.

Post his exit, Schofield was seen retreating to his mother’s residence in Cornwall, joined by his supportive daughter Ruby. After his revealing interview with BBC, fans speculated over when they would see the well-loved presenter on their screens again.

Holly Willoughby who famously said she would always be there for Phillip has been accused of betraying him by not standing by him. Many believe that Phillip Schofield made Holly Willoughby the star she is today, while some believe she is nothing without her former co-host.

Holly Willoughby to sign new This Morning Contract

Phillip Schofield has unfollowed his former co-host Holly on Instagram on the eve of the NTAs – her first for This Morning without Phillip.

In August, the beleaguered presenter was seen in high spirits when he was spotted dining with friend and fellow television personality Vanessa Feltz. The duo was seen engaging in animated conversation, with Schofield noticeably beaming. Vanessa’s public outing with Schofield, at a time when many others were distancing themselves, made a clear statement.

Many This Morning viewers have said they don’t want Holly Willoughby back, and according to recent viewing figures, since her return, the ITV show has lost viewers.

This Morning viewers have turned to social media and claimed that the ITV show was much better in the summer without Holly Willougby, but it seems that ITV are ignoring the viewers and sticking with Holly.


The Three-Step Comeback Plan

Edward Coram-James, a crisis communications and PR expert at Go Up, proposes that Schofield has a three-part strategy for reputational recovery. The first move was his “very well executed” tell-all BBC interview on June 2.


Step 1 – The Confession

In his interview, Schofield was candid with the public about the aftermath of his affair. He confessed to having “lost everything” resulting from his misstep.

    “Schofield is a presenting veteran and was always going to fare better in such circumstances than the likes of the Duke of York. He is used to being in front of the camera, being personable, amendable and human, and saying what he has to say.” – Edward Coram-James


Step 2 – The Distraction

Ed suggests that Schofield’s recovery plan inadvertently received a boost from the scandal surrounding Huw Edwards. The public comparisons drawn between the two crises served to distract from Schofield’s predicament.


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Step 3 – A New Image

The third phase in Schofield’s image recovery, according to Ed, is to be reintegrated into the public sphere. High-profile figures like Vanessa Feltz stepping up to support Schofield is a crucial step in this direction.

Ed believes that once Schofield is seen more regularly on screens, there is a good chance a network might offer him a permanent position. However, he cautions that this would only happen once those in power see that the risk to themselves has been significantly reduced.

Some other experts believe that Phillip Schofield could become a contestant on Celebrity Jungle with Ant & Dec, which could put him back in favour with the viewers and land him a permanent role back on TV.

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