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Celebrities Scared Of Phillip Schofield Tell-All Book

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Phillip Schofield has been offered big money to write a tell-all book which some celebrities are scared about

Could Phillip Schofield new book cause problems for Holly Willoughby and other big-named celebrities.

In May we published an article about Phillip Schofield could spill the beans with a tell all book. Now, it seems Phillip Schofield could be offered big money to reveal all.

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Phillip Schofield who left The This Morning Show and who has not spoken to Holly Willoughby since he admitted to his affair, has according to reports been offered big money to write a new book.

It is believed that Phillip Schofield, 61, wants to talk to his family before going ahead with the offer. Sources close to Phillip Schofield have said that his two daughters are all for the book which could cause huge problems for Holly Willoughby.

This morning holly willoughby reputation hits rock bottom

Many people believed that Holly Willoughby threw Phillip Schofield under the bus. Others have said that Phillip made Holly Willoughby the star she is today and she should be thankful. However, while others in Phillip Schofield position could have hit out at Holly for not supporting them, Phillip has remained silent.

Phillip Schofield silence could be broken if the money is right, which could put Holly Willoughby and other celebrities who turned their back on him in an impossible situation. The former This Morning and Dancing On Ice presenter could reveal the truth about who knew about the affair and could reveal secrets that some celebrities want to keep hidden.

It is not just one publisher who has offered Phillip Schofield big money to write a new book, it is believed that there are more than four offers on the table.

Phillip Schofield has told friends that he does want to write a new book and reveal the truth in the hope of re-launching his career. If the new book does go ahead, then there will be a lot of celebrities contacting their legal teams in the hope their secrets remain private.


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