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Different Types of Safety Posters and Signs

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No matter what kind of business you find, there are going to be safety signs and posters up throughout the building. These signs are crucial because they offer protection from potential hazards and keep the company from having to deal with a potential lawsuit as well.

There’s a good chance that you have seen a health and safety poster in almost any commercial or industrial business before. There are a few different health and safety poster types that you’re going to find in virtually any business out there.

Mandatory Signs

Some signage lets you know that it’s dangerous to be in the area. Others tell you that you shouldn’t do something because it can lead to an accident or injury. And then there are mandatory signs, where you should be doing whatever it is they say and there is no wiggle room to be had.

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These are your mandatory signs, and they usually are required to carry out certain statutory requirements. For instance, a really common mandatory sign is “FIRE DOOR KEEP SHUT”. That’s because the fire door has very specific uses and failing to comply with those can reduce the effectiveness of that function. Most of these are in blue and give a specific direction, like wearing safety glasses.

Prohibition Signs

There are some things that you’re just not supposed to be doing. It isn’t meant to be anything other than a means to protect people from getting hurt. These are going to be your prohibition signs and they make it very clear what anyone in the area is supposed to not do.

These are usually very simple and have a symbol with a strike through it. The most common type of prohibition sign you will see is “no smoking”. Whatever the case might be, this kind of sign typically enforces instructions to protect against potentially dangerous actions. Going against the directions on these signs can create a situation that is not only dangerous to employees but to materials, equipment, and even the building at large.

Emergency Signs

One of the most critical sign types has to do with emergencies. In the event of an emergency like a fire or accident, a few things need to be made clear. People need to know where emergency exits are, where safe paths out of the building are, and where any important first aid equipment is located. These signs can very much be the difference between life and death depending on the circumstances.

These signs are typically in green, and they indicate a litany of things. Emergency signs can be used to declare the direction and location of emergency exits, safe escape routes, and the location of helpful first aid equipment. These signs are also generally either square or rectangular with centralized text. They also have some basic directions like “push to open” for emergency doors.

Warning Signs

Sometimes an area has inherent dangers that go along with being there, but employees still have to go there. By informing anyone who walks by of the potential dangers, it can not only raise awareness but give workers the idea that they should be applying patience and attentiveness to prevent any issues from popping up.

Yellow is one of the most commonly used colors when it comes to conveying warnings. Maybe there is flammable liquid in an area. Maybe a slipping hazard is in place. They can be used to highlight areas where you need to watch your step, where forklifts need to use their horns, and anything else that needs to be conveyed to those frequenting the area.

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