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Support The NHS and Ban Boris Johnson And Matt Hancock From Pubs, Restaurants and Entertainment Venues

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Since it was announced Boris Johnson was only willing to offer our hard-working NHS workers a 1% pay increase, we have received more than 6,000 emails asking In2town Lifestyle Magazine to back our NHS workers. We have listened to you and we are backing our readers and our NHS workers and have now launched a campaign to show our disgust in Boris Johnson.

We want all pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues to ban Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, and all Government Ministers from their venues. In2town wants to unite the entertainment sector and call on them to show Boris Johnson and the Government that the UK will not allow how Nurses to be treated in such a shocking manner.

In2town Wants all venues to put a poster in their window supporting the NHS and making it clear that all Government Ministers and Conservative MPs who support the shocking pay rise that they are not welcome. We also want to go a step further. We want all our readers to get on their Twitter account and repost our story. And it does not stop there. We want you to send a message of support for the NHS workers who put their lives on the line and send the following message to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock, “Respect Our NHS and Increase The Pay Offer or Resign”

More than 230 NHS workers lost their lives fighting the COVID19 pandemic, millions of NHS workers suffered from high levels of stress. Boris Johnson has shown those NHS workers that their lives mean nothing, and it must stop.

It was not Boris Johnson who helped win the battle against COVID19, it was those NHS workers who thought the battle on a daily basis. Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock are the ones that feel it is right to take the credit. Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have shown all the way through the pandemic that they were not qualified to deal with such an important issue, and they were out of touch with the public.

Let us all show our support for the NHS and for all those that work within the NHS and force Boris Johnson to either resign or increase the pay offer for NHS workers.

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