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Lionesses Fans Want Prince William To Stand Down As President Of The Football Association

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Prince William Will Miss The Women’s World Cup Final in Australia

Football fans have called on Prince William to resign as President of the Football Association after it was revealed he would not attend the Women’s World Cup Final in Australia.


Prince William has become one of the most hated men in the football community after deciding not to attend the women’s World Cup Final in Australia.

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The future King has become a huge embarrassment to the UK after Lionesses fans blasted him for missing the Women’s World Cup final in Australia. Some fans have become so disgusted with the Prince that there have been calls for him to stand down as the President of the Football Association

The Lionesses have brought pride to the UK and brought hope with people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. On Sunday, the Lionesses could make history and bring joy to millions by winning the World Cup, but one person who does not seem to care according to football fans is Prince William.

The decision not to attend the historic event has sparked criticism and raised questions about gender equality and the prince’s commitment to supporting women’s football. While some commend the prince’s environmental concerns and commitment to reducing his carbon footprint, others argue that his absence sends the wrong message.

Prince William, known for his dedication to various charitable causes, has been an advocate for environmental issues, particularly climate change. His decision not to attend the Women’s World Cup final is believed to be rooted in his commitment to reducing his carbon footprint.

Flying across the world for a short period of time would have created a significant carbon footprint, contradicting his efforts to tackle climate change. The prince launched the Earthshot Prize in 2019, aiming to find solutions to repair and regenerate the Earth.

However, some argue that if it were the men’s World Cup, the decision might have been different. Citing William’s role as the FA president, fans question whether he would have made the same decision if it were the men’s team competing in the final. This discrepancy has sparked a debate about the perceived inequality in support and recognition between men’s and women’s football.

Fans have taken to social media to express their opinions and criticize the prince’s decision. Mandy Reid, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, tweeted, “No chance that Prince William would be ‘missing in action’ if the England men’s football team made it to the World Cup final.”

Some fans expressed their disappointment, highlighting the significance of the occasion for women’s football and the hard work of the England women’s team. They argue that Prince William, as the president of the FA, should have been present to show his support for the team and to further promote the advancement of women’s football.

However, there are also supporters who commend the prince for prioritizing environmental concerns and setting an example by reducing his carbon footprint. They argue that his absence is justified given his commitment to tackling climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

This is not the first time Prince William’s absence from a World Cup event has sparked debate. Last year, the prince did not plan to attend the men’s World Cup in Qatar, although his office might have made arrangements for him to travel if the England men’s team reached the final. The England men’s team, unfortunately, lost in the quarter-finals to France.

Fans have drawn comparisons between Prince William’s attendance at men’s and women’s World Cup events, highlighting perceived discrepancies in support and recognition. The debate surrounding his absence from both the men’s and women’s finals raises questions about gender equality in football and the level of support given to women’s sports.

Rishi Sunak not attending the world cup

Prince William is not the only public figure facing criticism for not attending the Women’s World Cup final. Rishi Sunak has also come under fire for not having plans to attend the historic occasion for the England women’s team in Australia. Their absence has prompted disappointment and frustration among fans and supporters of women’s football.

We went on the streets of Manchester, Skegness, Hull, Liverpool, Lincoln, Boston, Sheffield, and Grimsby to find out what football fans think of Prince William and Rishi Sunak refusal to attend the World Cup Final.

Steven who was on holiday in Skegness but lives in Lincoln said he was disgusted. “If this was the men’s final then both the Prince and the Prime Minister would be there.”

Kelly from Manchester said she was shocked that Prince William was not attending but was not surprised that the Prime Minister was not going.

Mark from Lincoln said the Prime Minister is happy to be wasting money all the time by jumping on jets when he could catch the train, but he cannot be bothered to attend an historic event and support women’s football.

Susan from Boston and Jenny from Sheffield, and Simon from Grimsby agreed with Mark. It is felt that women’s football is not as important to Prince William and the Prime Minister than men’s football.

The government has announced that the foreign secretary, James Cleverly, will attend the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney. Cleverly expressed his support for the Lionesses and emphasized the significance of the tournament for women’s international sport. He will also meet with Australia’s minister for foreign affairs to discuss foreign policy issues.

Pressure has been mounting on the government to declare a bank holiday if the Lionesses claim victory. However, the government stated that there are currently no plans for such a holiday.


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