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Keir Starmer Must Go Say Labour Voters

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  • The current Labour Leader is not popular with Labour voters with most supporters of the Labour Party wanting Angela Rayner to replace him.


Keir Starmer has never been popular with Labour Voters, and now the loyal supporters of the Labour party are calling for him to go. With news of the sacking of Angela Rayner’s shadow minister boyfriend for joining the rail strike picket line, 2 out of 3 Labour voters we surveyed said its time for him to stand aside.

Each time we have ran a poll with our readers in places where Labour should be the first choice, we have found Keir Starmer is not liked or trusted. In our latest poll with our readers in Skegness, Manchester, Liverpool, Grimsby, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Blackpool, Boston, and Newcastle, we have found that one in three people want a new Labour leader.

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The Labour Party should be celebrating at the moment. The country has suffered at the hands of the Conservative Party. The NHS is dying on its feet, the cost of living is rising, and many young people believe there is no real employment opportunity. However, the Labour party in a recent poll are only ten points in front and that is down to the lack of faith in Keir Starmer.

The Labour Leader believes Boris Johnson’s failings will give him the keys to Number 10. In reality, with him as leader of the Labour Party, the chances are the Conservatives would win the next General Election. If the Labour Party want to win the next General Election, then they need to do what the Conservative Party have done, and that is to get rid of their leader and replace him with the popular Angela Rayner.

On a recent Radio 4 Today programme, Keir Starmer was asked by Nick Robinson about the pledges that he made when he ran to become the new Labour Leader. Before Keir Starmer became Labour Leader he said “Public services should be in public hands, not making profits for shareholders. Support common ownership of rail, mail, energy, and water; end outsourcing in our NHS, local government, and justice system.”

Keir Starmer who many believe has no real vision for the Labour Party or the country and would put the future of the country at risk claimed a lot has changed since he made those pledges.

Many Labour Voters and union members believe Keir Starmer has abandoned the unions and turning back on his pledge to ‘stand shoulder to shoulder’ with trade unions by refusing to back MPs picketing in solidarity. The sacking of Angela Rayner’s shadow minister boyfriend is a prime example of why so many Labour voters believe he has abandoned the unions.

Steven Hardy from Manchester who has been voting for the Labour Party all his life said he will not be voting for the Labour Party at the next General Election with Keir Starmer as leader.

“Keir Starmer could not lead a group of school children from one classroom to another. By the time he leaves one classroom, he would have changed his mind about twenty times about which way he was going to go or go at all. He has no sense of direction, no vision, and I would not trust him to lead my cat never mind the country.”

Nicola from Lincoln wants to see the Labour Party do the right thing and remove Keir Starmer as leader. She said: “Keir Starmer has no vision. He has abandoned the unions and the working class. We need Angela Rayner as leader to lead the party to the next General Election and win it.”

We surveyed 100 Conservative voters and they said they wanted Keir Starmer to stay as leader. They have said they know if he stays as leader of the Labour Party then the Conservative Party would easily win the next General Election.

It seems that Keir Starmer is living in his own world and ignoring the lack of trust in his leadership, while Labour MPs are too scared to call for a vote of no confidence.

Steerpike from The Spectator summed it up well as why Labour voters don’t trust Keir Starmer. He wrote: He backtracked on Brexit, he U-turned on Corbyn. He’s broken many of the ten pledges on which he was elected. Why on earth should we trust him to run the country?

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