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Keir Starmer Told Give Angela Rayner A Proper Job

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What Does Keir Starmer’s Reshuffle Dilemma Mean for Angela Rayner?

Keir Starmer has been told he needs to offer Angela Rayner a more powerful and challenging role. But some believe he is worried about her being more popular with the voters and within the party than he is.


As pressure mounts on Sir Keir Starmer to carry out a reshuffle, the future of his deputy, Angela Rayner, hangs in the balance. With divided opinions within the Labour party, some want Angela Rayner to become leader while others have called on Keir Starmer to give her a more challenging role.

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As Labour prepares for its annual rally in Liverpool and the return of MPs to the Commons, calls for a reshuffle grow louder.

Many Labour MPs believe that a reshuffle is necessary to strengthen the party’s position and improve its chances of winning the next general election. However, there is a split over what role should be given to Angela Rayner, the current Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Angela Rayner currently holds several shadow cabinet positions, including shadow first secretary of state, shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and shadow secretary of state for the future of work.

Her broad-ranging brief allows her to cover important policy areas and maintain a high profile within the party. However, there are differing opinions on her performance and suitability for a more prominent role.

Labour reshuffle

Opinions on Angela Rayner within the Labour party are divided. Some see her as a capable and popular figure, with support from trade unions, the Labour Left, and centrist MPs. Her direct communication style and appeal to certain voters are seen as strengths. Some MPs have said she is the future of the Labour Party.

Some MPs have criticized her for lacking attention to detail and not being serious enough. This division within the party adds complexity to Keir Starmer’s decision-making process.

The situation facing Keir Starmer bears resemblance to the dilemma faced by Tony Blair when he became Prime Minister in 1997. Blair’s deputy, John Prescott, was a prominent figure within the party but faced criticism for being over-promoted and not delivering on certain policies. Starmer must consider whether promoting Rayner to a more prominent role could lead to similar challenges.

One of the key concerns raised about Angela Rayner’s suitability for a bigger role is her alleged lack of attention to detail and seriousness.

As Labour aims to win power in the next general election, there is a need for ministers who can effectively handle the complexities of government and address the challenges facing the country. This consideration could influence Starmer’s decision on Rayner’s future role.

Despite the criticisms, Angela Rayner has a significant level of support within the Labour movement. This support, coupled with her own mandate as the elected deputy leader, puts her in a strong position within the party. The decision on her future role may also depend on her own aspirations and what she wants to achieve within the party.

Some sources have claimed that Keir Starmer is worried about giving her too much power, knowing that she is seen as a potential Prime Minister. One Labour MP told In2Town Today News that Angela Rayner understands Labour voters and she appeals to them on every level.

The Labour source said: “Angela Rayner is seen as more approachable than Keir Starmer, she has also been where many struggling voters see themselves now. She understands what they are going through and can identify with them not like Keir Starmer.”

If Labour loses the next General Election, then Angela Rayner is the clear choice to take over. But some believe, if Labour do win the next General Election and Keir Starmer performs badly, then Angela Rayner will be waiting in the wings to take over.

If Keir Starmer decides to promote Angela Rayner, one possible role for her is the shadow levelling-up secretary. This would require finding another position for Lisa Nandy, the current holder of that role.

Tensions between Starmer and Ed Miliband, the shadow climate and net zero secretary, may complicate any reshuffle plans. Miliband’s experience in government and his focus on climate change make him a valuable asset for the party.

Even though some believe the next General Election will be one of the easiest that Labour have ever won, some Labour MPs are concerned at Keir Starmer lack of appeal with the voters. Some have even said he lacks direction and conviction, while Angela Rayner is a more powerful and convincing leader.

With a potential general election on the horizon, it is vital for Labour to have an effective shadow cabinet in place. Shadow cabinet ministers must be well-versed in their respective briefs and able to articulate Labour’s policies effectively. Any reshuffle should aim to address any perceived weaknesses and ensure that the party is well-prepared to govern if elected.

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