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Global Team of Military and Intelligence Experts to Release Stunning Independent Report on the Uvalde, Las Vegas, And Pulse Nightclub Mass Shootings

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Wikileaks Like Release of Secret Documents Mirrors Vault 7 And German Intelligence Report on Terrorism Coverup

I Spy A Coverup is set to turn America’s preconceived beliefs on mass shootings and school shooting violence on its head. The website will soon release documents from a leading official that is ready to show Americans the true tragedy of mass shootings and that a coverup is preventing the full story of each mass shooting from getting out.

Uvalde, Las Vegas, and Pulse Nightclub are three of the largest American mass shootings in history. All three events captivated America’s attention and once again raised questions over the safety of individuals around the country.

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Now, with these events still fresh in the minds of Americans, a global team of military and intelligence experts are ready to release a stunning independent report on the Uvalde, Las Vegas, And Pulse Nightclub mass shootings. The team of global experts come from Germany, Australia, and the US, and have worked together to uncover documents and a stunning coverup of multiple mass shootings across America. I Spy A Coverup aims to unveil the documents in a Wikileaks style release for the world to read.

The all-new report will outline the way in which Americans are being lied to by the media, politicians, and law enforcement. It will also enlighten Americans on the tragedies caused by mass shootings and open eyes on why they need to be stopped now.

There were an incredible 351 mass shootings in the United States in 2022 up to July 5. Over 400 people were murdered in those mass shootings, while over 1,300 people were injured. Mass shootings have become a common occurrence in American society with many people just accepting them as part of life. The rest of the world has watched in awe as the US is the only major nation to experience such a crisis.

To read the official I Spy A Coverup article, please visit the group’s official website. There, you will be able to sign up to learn more about the documents I Spy A Cover Up plan to release

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