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ASDA Reduces The Cost Of Petrol

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  • UK supermarket Asda has announced it has cut the price of petrol and diesel but they are still not cheaper than a petrol station near Skegness, or a petrol station in Greater Manchester.


Asda Supermarket has announced it has cut the price of unleaded petrol by 5p per litre and diesel by 3p which has been applauded by some motoring experts. However, even though it is hoped this will start a price war Asda are still not the cheapest.

Limes Service Station in Walkden, Greater Manchester, is selling unleaded petrol at just 159.9 per litre, and Ulceby Cross Filling Station, Alford, near Skegness is selling petrol at just 166.9 per litre, which is the cheapest in the area. Esso, Manby Road Service Station, near Grimsby is charging 173.9 per litre of unleaded petrol, making Asda 5p announcement not very exciting.

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Although ASDA has said it has cut the price of unleaded petrol by 5p per litre to help motorists save money, many motorists we have spoken to have said they are not unimpressed. Motorists want to know how some petrol stations can sell petrol for as low as 159.9 while Asda Supermarkets, Tesco Supermarkets, and Morrisons are still charging petrol prices that are causing millions of people hardship.

On the other hand, AA fuel price spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “Asda’s price move is impressive, in effect cutting 10p a litre off the UK average price of petrol.”

With petrol prices so high, some people are being forced to walk to work while car sharing has increased in recent months. In a recent study we found that some disabled people who rely on their vehicles can no longer afford to fill up their tank with the rise in the cost of living.

It is a well-known fact that some petrol retailers don’t reduce the price of petrol when crude oil prices drop. Both the RAC and the AA have accused retailers of maintaining high prices and keeping the extra profit. This practice is putting extra stress on struggling families and some charities are calling on the Government to investigate why some petrol companies are not passing on the savings.


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