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Fight Breaks Out At Paul Smith Comedy Gig

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Two fights broke out at Sheffield City Hall While Paul Smith Was Doing His Routine

Paul Smith stood his ground after two fights broke out at Sheffield City Hall. The comedian continued his act while two sets of people were ejected from the Sheffield venue.

Paul Smith got more than he bargained for when he added Sheffield City Hall to his Joker tour on Saturday night (19th August 2023). Not only was he constantly interrupted by a person who claimed to be called Ryan, who obviously craved for attention, but two fights broke out in the second half of the gig.

The Liverpool comedian lit up the Sheffield stage when he walked on with not an empty seat in the house. What started off as a great night quickly turned into a bit of a nightmare for the cheeky comedian.

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The rowdy crowd quickly heckled Paul Smith with one person quickly becoming a bit of a nuisance with calls for him to be ejected. Ryan, as he claimed to be called decided it would be fun to heckle Paul Smith. It was obvious to the comedian and to the crowd that Ryan who was sat in the balcony needed and craved attention, maybe something he doesn’t get at home.

As the first half continued, Ryan continued to shout out, until stewards got involved and put a stop to his outburst. But this was not the only distraction for Paul Smith.

The Liverpool comedian was let down by the sound system with some people not being able to hear him. As Paul Smith left the stage, his support act joined the stage with Paul promising he was one of the funniest comedians in the country. Not sure what country he was talking about, but the comedian was as funny as Oliver Twist waiting for his next meal.

Finally, when it came to the second half of the gig the sound system was fixed, but more trouble was waiting ahead for Hot Water Comedy Club comic.

paul smith tour fight

Towards the end of the gig a fight broke out in the balcony, which is believed to have been between a couple. The gig was stopped while the stewards stopped and ejected the couple. Due to calls that some of the audience missed part of his routine, Paul did a comical recap.

A few minutes later, after the first fight had been stopped another fight started between two men. The Sheffield City Hall stewards quickly took immediate action and stopped the fight and ejected the pair.

Paul Smith who deserves to be described as one of the biggest names in the comedy world did not let the fights distract him. Some comedians by this stage would have walked off but Paul stood his ground and continued to entertain the audience.

The Liverpool comic is set to continue his tour, let’s hope other venues on the tour do not have people who think they are attending a boxing match instead of a comedy night.


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