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Thinking Of Moving To Lincolnshire

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Advice On Moving To Lincolnshire


If you are thinking of moving to Lincolnshire or are just looking for the best places to live in Lincolnshire, then let us guide you. As experts in Lincolnshire, we can offer you our experience of what it is like living in Lincolnshire, and we will even tell you where is Lincolnshire for those that are not sure where Lincolnshire is.

Lincolnshire is a magical and diverse place to live. No matter where you live in Lincolnshire, you are not far away from a beach or the countryside. They include Skegness, Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe. My favourite seaside resort in Lincolnshire is Skegness.


Where is Lincolnshire?

Lincolnshire is the second largest county in England. It spans 2220 sq. miles and has some of the most stunning countryside in the UK.

Even though it is the second largest county in England, coming second to Yorkshire, a lot of people still ask where is Lincolnshire? That is really surprising when we have some of the best beaches in the UK, and some of the most popular seaside towns.


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Lincolnshire is in the East Midlands region. It is surrounded by a number of counties and has a stunning 50 miles coastline.


The Best Places To Live In Lincolnshire

Everyone has different requirements when moving to Lincolnshire, and everyone including myself have their own opinion on the best places to live in Lincolnshire.

When thinking of moving to Lincolnshire, you need to think about the reasons why you want to make the move. This will then give you a better idea of the best places in Lincolnshire to live for you.

You could be moving to Lincolnshire to retire, so you may want to live in the Lincolnshire countryside, or you may want to live near the seaside. Or you may be moving to Lincolnshire for work, so you would be more suited to live with roads with direct access to where you would be working.


Here are my best places to live in Lincolnshire



advice on moving to lincolnshire

For me Skegness is the best place to live in Lincolnshire. Sadly, some newspapers do not rate Skegness. But in reality, and I could name names. Those reporters who have said Skegness is not a great place to live have never visit the popular seaside resort.

Those reporters who have reported bad things about Skegness are lazy reporters and is what is known as armchair reporting. That means they are too lazy to visit Skegness and see what the place is really like.

Skegness is a wonderful place to live with the best beach in Lincolnshire and one of the best beaches in the UK. There is so much to do in Skegness for people of all ages.

One of the things I love about Skegness besides all the wonderful things to do there, is how close it is to other wonderful places.

You are not far away from Boston, and you are not far away from country parks, the countryside, or from other popular places to live in Lincolnshire including Lincoln. Within no time at all you can be in many other popular Lincolnshire places.

There are lots of things to do in Skegness which includes Gibraltar Point, spending time on the beach, eating out, or visiting one of the many great restaurants. You also have a fair in Skegness, and you also have a fair in Ingoldmells.


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On the high street you have some great shops in Skegness, and a train station at the end of the high-street which will take up too many popular places.

Although Skegness is very popular with people who are looking to retire, a lot of young people are moving there and travelling to work in Lincoln.

I love Skegness for everything it has to offer people of all ages, and all the little villages it has within a short distance and all the country pubs.

If you are thinking of moving to Lincolnshire, then for me this is the place for you.



About Lincolnshire

Lincoln is a wonderful place to live. It is a modern and vibrant city that is filled with culture. One thing you may not know about one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, is it has a vibrant poetry scene.

You will find a lot of young people move to Lincoln to attend Lincoln university, which is the home to the Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery, School of Engineering.

You will be amazed when visiting Lincoln. It is a city where the old meets the new, and I am not talking about the people.

The city centre of Lincoln has a lot of cobbled streets which I love. One thing I do love about Lincoln is the shops it has on offer. As well as having all the big named stores, and the big brands, it is also filled with independent shops.

If you love going out during the day or at night, then you will not be disappointed with Lincoln. It has lots of great restaurants and plenty of places to go for a nice drink. And, if you like to strut your stuff, then pop down to the clubs.

One place you need to visit is the Marina. It has lots of great continental cafes overlooking the waterfront.



lincolnshire moving

Grantham is another great place to live in Lincolnshire. Although it was the home to the first Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher, please do not hold that against this wonderful pace.

It has a population in excess of 35,000, and the market town is known as the gateway to Lincolnshire.

What I love about Grantham is the impressive scenic countryside surrounding the area. There are many great places to visit to enjoy the countryside which includes Ponton Park Wood, Belton House and Woodland Trust sites Londonthorpe and Alma Park Woods.

It has great transport links and provides easy access to London, with the train taking just an hour to arrive at King Cross Station. It is also only 36 minutes by car to Lincoln, providing people with direct access to their workplace.

Property prices are affordable in Grantham, and they have some great schools.



Spalding is a magical place to visit and one of the best places in Lincolnshire to live. The River Welland runs right through Spalding centre, and you can even get on a water taxi, that runs from the town centre to the Springfield’s Outlet Mall & Festival Gardens.

If you love shopping then you are in luck as Spalding has over 50 big name retailers that include M&S, Gap, Nike, Clarks, Radley and TM Lewin.

One great thing about Spalding it is in easy access to Boston, and Peterborough. So, when you want to hit the likes of Peterborough, it is just 18 miles away, and Boston is just 15 miles away.

If you want to live in Spalding and work in London, then you can jump on the London train at Peterborough, where the train will get you to London Kings Cross in just one hour.

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