Car Boots In Skegness Lincolnshire

car boots in skegness

There are lots of car boots in Skegness, so if you like to find a bargain and love visiting car boots then check out all the Skegness Car Boots below. As well as listing car boots in Skegness we have also listed car boots that are close to the popular seaside resort.

The Car Boots in Skegness include Addlethorpe Car Boot, Burgh Playing Fields, Burgh Roundabout Car Boot, and Skegness Football Ground Car Boot. With so many car boots in Skegness you will be spoilt for choice.


The Car Boots In Skegness include:


Addlethopre Car Boot – Skegness

Held:  Tuesday

Seller time:  07.00am

Buyer time:  08.00am

From/To:  May/Sep


Burgh Playing Fields – Skegness

Held:  Thursday

Seller time:  07:00

Buyer time:  07:00

From/To:  May/Sep


Burgh Roundabout – Skegness

Held:  Friday

Seller time:  5:30

Buyer time:  6:00

From/To:  Mar/Oct

Skegness Rd, Burgh le Marsh, Skegness PE24 5LN


Skegness Town Football Ground – Skegness

Held:  Sunday

Seller time:  07.00am

Buyer time:  08.00am

From/To:  Mar/Oct

Burgh Road, PE25 2RA


St Pauls – Skegness Car Boot

Held:  Sat

Seller time:  07.00am

Buyer time:  07.30am

From/To:  Apr/Oct


Strawberry Car Boot Field

Held:  Sun

Seller time:  07.00am

Buyer time:  07.30am

Skegness Road, Chapel Saint Leonards, PE24 5UD


Car Boots Near Skegness


Car Boot In Trusthorpe


The Car Boot takes place every Wednesday from 7:30am.

The Trusthorpe car boot is situated on the A52 as you head towards Sutton On Sea, or if you are heading the opposite direction then it is towards Mablethorpe. The post code of the car boot in Trusthorpe for your Sat Nav is LN12 2PS