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Teenagers Trash Lincoln House After Party Advertised On Facebook

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A Lincoln council owned property was destroyed after one hundred teenagers attended a party that was advertised on Facebook. The cost of the damage has not yet been revealed

Police were called to a property in Lincoln after 100 teenagers turned up to a party that was advertised on Facebook. At 7.53pm on Monday, July 18th, police turned up to the council owned property in the Moorland area of Lincoln after reports teenagers were damaging the interior and exterior of the property.

When Lincolnshire Police officers turned up at the property, they found teenagers drinking alcohol and a significant about of damaged caused to the property. The damage caused to the property included internal doors, smashed windows ceilings smashed, and also white goods were destroyed.

Due to the amount of damage caused to the property, the electricity had to be turned off to make the building safe. As of yet the City of Lincoln has not yet revealed the cost of the damage and when the house will be repaired.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “Five separate police incidents were created from multiple calls from the community regarding the disturbance.

People are being warned that if they are having a party, they should not advertise it on Facebook. Anyone having a party should only invite those that they know.

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