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Lincolnshire Voters Want Boris Johnson Gone

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  • People In Lincolnshire Feel Betrayed By Boris Johnson

If the Conservative party wants to stand a chance of winning the next General Election, they need to force Boris Johnson to resign according to Lincolnshire voters.

We asked our readers if they would vote for the Conservative Party at the next General Election and 8 out of ten of them said no.

The general feeling is that Boris Johnson and his ministers had let the people of Lincolnshire down. However, even if Boris Johnson stood down it could still result in Labour winning by a landslide.

The people we spoke to in Scunthorpe, Skegness, Boston, and Lincoln felt betrayed by the Conservative Party. First of all, they felt betrayed over allegations of lockdown-breaking Christmas Parties while people were suffering and dying. But it was more than the Christmas parties that people are angry about.


The Owen Paterson affair

People of Lincolnshire started to lose faith in Boris Johnson when he tried to fix the system to protect Tory MP Owen Paterson. The former MP who resigned from the House of Commons on 5 November 2021 was found to have breached lobbying rules.


Offering peerages to Tory donors

It is not just people living in Lincolnshire who are fed up with Tory donors being offered a peerage, millions of voters around the UK are also angry.

They are also angry that Tory donors and friends of Ministers have been offered Government contracts.


The failure of Brexit

Boris Johnson made so many promises about Brexit on how people’s lives would get better, and the UK would be a stronger and richer place. However, with rising poverty, job losses, rising inflation, higher fuel bills, many people feel lied to.

A lot of those living in Lincolnshire feel Boris Johnson has delivered a lousy Brexit and the county as well as the country is in a worse position than it was before Brexit.


False Promises

Many people who voted for Boris Johnson in the last General Election now feel they have been lied to. He has broken many promises he has made during his election campaign.


A lot of the people we spoke to did say he did many things right during the pandemic like the furlough scheme. However, it seems all the good work he did has been tarnished by all of his mistakes and his belief that he is untouchable.

When we asked if they would vote for the Conservative party and their local MP, 7 out of ten people said no.

Many felt their local MP had let them down nearly as much as Boris Johnson. Instead of doing the right thing and calling out Boris Johnson for his mistakes, a lot of people believe they toed the party line.

Voters in Lincolnshire are fed up with their MP being a mirror image of Boris Johnson. They want someone who will represent them and not agree with everything their leader says.

With the strong feeling in Lincolnshire about Boris Johnson and their local Conservative MP, it could mean at the next General Election there will only be Labour MPs in Lincolnshire.


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