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Money Saving Tips To Tackle High Energy Bills

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  • The money saving tips could help to tackle some of the extra financial burden caused by the energy crisis


One of the biggest financial crisis in recent times is putting tens of millions of people into debt. With the cost of living rising and energy bills going through the roof, people are spending more to keep warm and have less money for luxuries.

We have spoken to people in Greater Lincolnshire including Skegness, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Grimsby, Boston, and Grantham who have said they are worried about the rise in energy bills. Some have said the increase will force them to limit the number of hours they heat their homes.

With energy customers set to see an annual increase of £693 on their bills from April, we have looked at ways to reduce the amount people spend on electric, gas, and water.


Here are some energy saving tips


Wash clothes at 30C unless they are really muddy

 Limit the amount of time you use a washing machine and only use it when you have a full load

 Don’t use a tumble dryer. Instead, dry clothes outside

Money can be saved by using the shortest, coolest, lowest water machine cycle possible


Water use

Instead of having a bath, have a quick shower, and limit the shower to four minutes

Don’t leave a tap running while brushing your teeth or washing up

Don’t leave the tap running while washing up or brushing your teeth


Food and drink

Limit the times you use your dishwasher

Use a slow cooker to prepare meals   

Don’t overfill a kettle when using it.

Use a microwave to cook meals as they are more cost effective than a cooker


Saving Tips Around The Home

Don’t leave lights on when you leave a room.

Use energy-efficiency bulbs around the home

Turn the thermostat by 1C

A lot of people leave radiators on in all rooms. Only have them on in rooms that are being used

Bleed your radiators

Don’t block radiators with furniture

Close curtains to keep the heat in

Put foil behind the radiator to reflect heat


With the rising cost of energy bills it is important to make sure your home is energy efficient. Contact your local council and see if they have any grant schemes available to help keep your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills

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