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Lincolnshire Police Officer Acquitted Of Assault Charge Set To Retire

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  • Lincolnshire Police Officer acquitted of assault charge


A 52-year-old Lincolnshire Police Inspector who was charged with common assault has been cleared at Nottingham Magistrates Court,

If Jonathan Mellor, of Lincoln who was filmed in the alleged road rage incident was summoned to court for an offence of common assault on 26 May 21.

The alleged incident was filmed, and the footage was shown to Nottingham Magistrates’ Court. In the footage Insp Jonathan Mellor was seen to punch Shane Price in the face and deliberately stamp on his foot which Mr Price had declared as wounded in a work matter.

In the footage Jonathan Mellor was repeatedly swore at Mr Price, telling him: “I’m going to take you to the f***ing ground” and “You’ve been f***ing pulled, haven’t you?”

The Lincolnshire Police Inspector was on duty when the incident happened alongside the A46 northbound at Aubourn at about 9pm on May 26 last year.

Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikran told Mellor that he found him not guilty of assault.

Inspector Jonathan Mellor is set to retire soon. However, if he was not retiring soon, he would have been returning to operational duties.


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