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Lincolnshire COVID Worry As No PCR Tests Available

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  • There are currently No PCR Tests Available in Lincolnshire


With rising COVID cases in Lincolnshire include Skegness, Grantham, Boston, and Lincoln, it is a worry that today there are no PCR tests available in Lincolnshire.

With Boris Johnson claiming the Government are on top of the pandemic, it seems words mean nothing as people around Lincolnshire and the UK are struggling to get a PCR test.

According to the Government website, people from all over the country are struggling to book a PCR test.

Patients have been desperately trying to book a PCR test on the Government website but when they try, they are told there are none available.

It is not just PCR tests people are struggling to get. People in Lincolnshire and around the country are also struggling to get home testing kits.

Boris Johnson has said that people need to remain cautions and should take a lateral flow test before attending New Years Eve events. However, with the lack of home testing kits it seems people will be attending events without testing themselves.

With no PCR test appointments available and with Health Secretary Sajid Javid saying there would be no further COVID-related restrictions before New Year, some people and experts are wondering if the Government no what they are doing.

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