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Panic Buying Is Putting Lives At Risk Says Lincolnshire First Responders

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  • Lincolnshire First Responders have said the petrol crisis could stop them doing their job


The Government has warned people to stop panic buying, that has been echoed by Lincolnshire Police, police forces around the UK, and now Lincolnshire First Responders.

Lincolnshire First Responders has said the lack of petrol could result in them not attending emergencies.

Lives could be at risk one Lincolnshire First Responder told Lincs FM.

Lincolnshire First Responders who are a voluntary organisation are often the first people to get to patients. With no rule put down by the Government for key workers to have access to fuel, then it could result in fewer First Responders being able to respond to emergencies.

One First Responder explained to Lincs FM that he was unable to respond to an emergency due to running out of fuel. If the petrol shortage continues, then more First Responders will be unable to respond to medical emergencies.

Gemma Shaw, head of fundraising and communications for LIVES said during an interview with Lincs FM, that “this really does mean that when you need us most we can’t be there.”

She also said another first responder, who commutes to Lincoln from Skegness, has had to decide between logging on as a responder and coming to work.

The Lincolnshire First Responders team respond to 999 calls. They are a voluntary organisation who work alongside ambulances.

It is not just First Responders who are facing problems due to the petrol shortage. NHS workers, and carers are also struggling.

There are calls for Boris Johnson to solve the petrol shortage problem quickly, as well as bring in rules that keyworkers receive their petrol first. At this moment in time, Boris Johnson has ignored those calls.

First responders cover different areas in Lincolnshire including Lincoln, Skegness, Boston, and Grantham. You can donate to the voluntary organisation by visiting

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