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Rail Users Warned To Be Prepared For Strike Action

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  • Northern Trains has warned its customers to avoid using their services between June 21 and 26 due to industrial strike action. The company will not provide replacement buses or alternative travel

Northern Trains who have apologized for the forthcoming strike action has asked its customers not to use their services between June 21 and 26 due to industrial action by the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT).

To try and minimize the disruption priority is being given to essential routes and routes into major cities. Train passengers are being advised to find alternative transport during the strike days, as Northern Trains will not be providing replacement buses or alternative travel.

Tricia Williams, chief operating officer at Northern, said: “We apologise in advance for the disruption and inconvenience that the RMT’s industrial action may cause. We continue to be keen to speak to the RMT to find a resolution and avoid any strikes.”

Boris Johnson has slammed the RMT union’s “reckless” series of strikes taking place. The Prime Minister has reportedly vowed not to surrender to the rail union.

The strike action is going to cause serious implications for festivals and the tourist industry. Businesses in Lincoln, Cleethorpes, and Skegness are worried about how the strike action will affect them.

A business owner in Skegness who relies on tourism has said she is worried about how much revenue she will lose during the strike action.

“This year has been a terrible year. Me and other business owners in Skegness were hoping after Covid that 2022 was going to be a year when they could try and recover some of the lost revenue. However, this year has not been busy which could be down to more people flying abroad, cost of living, and high petrol prices.”

A lot of small business owners in Skegness and other seaside resorts in Lincolnshire are struggling. Some have said this could be their last year. The strike action is going to hit many small businesses hard.

There is no sign of the strike action being called off, so those who use the trains need to find alternative arrangements.

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