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Builder Shocked Waddington Housing Development Turned Down

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  • The builder behind the 52-housing development in Waddington is disappointed his plan was turned down


A decision on 52 homes in Waddington leaves builder disappointed but residents happy. According to the Longhurst Group and its agent Lindum Group Ltd, the housing development would have brought affordable housing to the area.

The housing development plan was to build a mix of two, three and four bed properties and four, one-bedroom flats. These properties were being offered to rent and buy below market rates.

The developer also wanted to include a play area within the development and include open spaces on the land which is situated approximately 4 miles south of Lincoln.

Even though planning rules state that affordable homes could be built on the site if it was clear there was a need, the plan was met with huge opposition.

Local residents were up in arms about the proposed housing development and said there was no need for more houses to be built.

The feelings against the development were so strong that an action group was set up to stop the development in its tracks.

After receiving more than 100 objections to the plan, the planning offer agreed with local residents, and he recommended that the development should be rejected. Councillors agreed with both the planning officer and local residents which has left Longhurst Group and its agent Lindum Group Ltd frustrated.

A spokesman for the Waddington action group, set up to challenge the proposal, said: “We are very happy with the decision, especially since the planning officer suggested a rejection to the plans and all 12 committee members agreed.

“The local policy protects this green wedge land, and we are very happy the community has been listened to and the protection has been maintained.”


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