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Manchester Drug Dealer Smuggling Crack Cocaine Into Grimsby Jailed

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Manchester Drug Dealer Sentenced to Jail After Confession Found on Phone.

The drug deal who smuggled drugs into Grimsby made it easy for police to get a conviction against him.


A drug dealer in Manchester who was smuggling drugs into Grimsby, Lincolnshire has been sentenced to jail after a confession was discovered on his phone.

Anthony Bardsley, 34, was arrested on suspicion of the supply of Class A drugs in a dawn raid at his home in Harpurhey, Manchester.

Anthony Bardsley, 35, of Winterdyne Street in Manchester, made the job for Greater Manchester Police very easy after they found a voice note on his phone with a full confession. The voice note leaving his left full name, date of birth, and a detailed confession stating that the drugs all belonged to him.

The investigation that led to Bardsley’s arrest was a joint effort between Humberside Police and Greater Manchester detectives. Humberside police tipped off their counterparts in Greater Manchester about a phone number suspected of being used as a county line for drug trafficking in Grimsby.

In February, Greater Manchester Police carried out a dawn raid at Bardsley’s residence on Witnerdyne Street. Bardsley was arrested on suspicion of the supply of Class A drugs and also tested positive for drugs during his arrest.

During the raid, his personal phone and the drug phone were seized as part of the investigation. It was on his personal phone that police found a compelling piece of evidence – an audio file in which Bardsley confessed to being solely responsible for the cocaine found.

In the voice note from Bardsley’s phone, he stated, “Just for the record, my name is Anthony Bardsley, born 31/10/1988, and I’m just letting you know that this is nothing to do with ***. This is all my cocaine, and everything to do with it is all to do with me.”

The confession left no room for doubt about Bardsley’s involvement in the drug trade. His explicit admission of guilt played a significant role in his conviction.

Anthony Bardsley pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs at Minshull Street Crown Court. As a result of his confession and the overwhelming evidence against him, Bardsley was sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

The judge highlighted the seriousness of drug offenses and the devastating impact they have on society. This sentencing sends a strong message to others involved in drug trafficking and serves as a deterrent to those considering smuggling drugs into the region.

PC Sam Schofield of GMP’s County Lines Team said: “Our meticulous investigation, with the support from our colleagues in Humberside, has stopped another supply of drugs, this time in Grimsby but from Manchester.

“County lines drug operations have a devastating impact on the lives of those who are the most vulnerable in society and our continued aim is to prevent, protect and pursue those who intend on breaking the law. We are relentless in our approach and Challenger will always listen to concerns raised in the community to help tackle serious and organised crime.”

Humberside Police are hoping with this Anthony Bardsley conviction that it will have a major impact on their fight against drugs in Grimsby.

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