Thursday, May 19, 2022

Woman Nearly Had Her Phone Snatched Near Grantham Train Station

A robbery nearly took place yesterday near Grantham Train Station when a woman was left shaken

  • People are being warned to keep an eye on their phone after a woman nearly had her phone stolen


A warning has been issued to those living in Grantham to be careful with their mobile phones. A woman nearly had her phone snatched near Grantham Train Station.

The incident happened yesterday at around 4.15 when the woman was approached by a youth as she was walking through the railway tunnel between Huntingtower Road and Station Road.

The woman who posted the incident online said the youth was riding a dark bike and had his face covered.

Now, people are being advised to be careful with their mobile devices.

The woman said she was left shaken by the incident and is warning other people to be careful until the youth is caught.



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