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How To get A Cabin Upgrade On A Cruise Ship

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Learn How To Get A Free Cruise Cabin Upgrade


Have you ever wondered how some people manage to get a free cruise cabin upgrade on a cruise ship while others always miss out? We uncover the tricks that people use to get a free cabin upgrade or an upgrade for a fraction of the cost.

Going on a cruise ship, in my opinion, is one of the best holidays you can have, not only are you visiting new places each day, but you also have everything you want on board the ship. Excellent food, great entertainment, and you meet new wonderful people. There is only one thing that can make your cruise ship holiday even better, and that is by getting a cruise cabin upgrade for free.

The following four tips can help you get a free cabin upgrade on a cruise ship


    1. Book a guaranteed cabin or reserve a cabin

    A “guarantee” means the travel company is giving you a guarantee that you will have a cabin that you have requested in your price range. If you book a guarantee cabin, you could find yourself being upgraded if for some reason all the cabins in your category have been booked. The cruise company could then offer you a free cabin upgrade or an upgrade for a reduced cost.

    how to get a cabin upgrade

    1. Join the cruise liner loyalty scheme

    A lot of cruise liners have a loyalty scheme which they use as a marketing tool and a way to encourage their customers to keep returning. For people who cruise a lot, it is a great idea and can come with lots of rewards.


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    If you are a frequent cruiser then you could be rewarded with a free cabin upgrade or an upgrade at a reduced price. A lot of cruise companies like to reward their customers for their loyalty, which means, the more times you sail with them, the more likely it is that you will be rewarded which includes a free upgrade, special offers, or a free gift.


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    1. Sail during low season for a free cabin upgrade

    Cruise companies reduce their prices during the off-peak season which is great news if you don’t mind the weather to get a good deal.

    Sailing during the low season does not only make your cruise holiday cheaper, it also gives you a better chance of receiving a free cabin upgrade or getting an upgrade at a reduced cost.

    how to get a free cabin upgrade cruise ship

    1. Special Occasion

    Some people have reported that they have simply asked for an upgrade. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it. However, if you have a special occasion, then it is worth asking to see if you can get a free cruise cabing upgrade or an upgrade at a reduced price.

    Another way of getting an upgrade is by speaking to the travel agent. If you are booking through a travel agent and if you are paying for your holiday in one lump sum, then this gives you some power. You could ask them if they can upgrade you or offer you an upgrade for a good deal. If they say no, then tell them you will go to another travel agent.


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    This has worked for a lot of our readers.

    So, if you are looking for a cruise cabin upgrade on a cruise ship, try some of the tips above and see if you can be one of the lucky ones.


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