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Oasis of the Seas Review

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As you will see from our Oasis of the Seas Review, this cruise ship, which is operated by Royal Caribbean International is a much-loved floating palace.

Oasis of the Seas was first constructed in 2007 and completed in 2009. It was delivered to Royal Caribbean in October of that year.  It is one of the biggest in their fleet with 16 decks, 522 inside cabins, and 2,220 outside cabins. It carries 6,780 passengers and 2,100 crew.

One thing that I do like about the cruise ship is its Itinerary. It takes passengers around the Caribbean from her homeport of PortMiami in Miami, Florida. The Caribbean must be one of the best cruising experiences in the world.

The Roya Caribbean Oasis of the Seas reviews have always been some of the best, but since the refit in 2019, you will find it hard to find many negative reviews. It has always been an amazing cruise ship, but the refit took it one step closer to perfection.

Oasis of Seas as many cruisers call it, would drawth most other cruise ships when it first hit the seas. That was until the Symphony of the Seas came along. It is a very impressive ship, and one thing that Royal Caribbean is good at is showing the rest of the cruising world how it should be done. And that is what they have done with this popular cruise ship.

Although the Oasis of the Seas can carry 6,700 passengers, most of the year it only carries 5,606 passengers. It is only in peak season that the ship carries its maximum load. Believe it or not, one-third of the passengers don’t leave the ship during their cruise. To be honest I don’t see the point of going on a cruise ship and never visiting the wonderful destinations on the itinerary.

oasis the seas

When you read the Oasis of the Seas reviews, you will think to yourself, how can a cruise ship receive so many positive reviews? But once you jump on board you will see why so many people are excited by the cruise ship and why families love it.

So, what makes the Oasis of the Seas a hit with people of all ages. Firstly, it caters to everyone. In 2019 Royal Caribbean spent $165 million on the refit of the Oasis of the Seas. No matter if you are a single traveller, to a couple looking for a romantic cruise, to a family looking for fun on the seas.

The secret to the Roya Caribbean Oasis of the Seas success is down to the ship layout, amenities, and its neighbourhood concept. It is a clever idea where public rooms and onboard attractions are grouped into several themed sectors. I do love this idea where each neighbourhood is designed to appeal to different types of passengers. So, no matter what you like and don’t like, there is truly something for everyone.


The Oasis Of The Seas Boardwalk

the oasis of the seas I do love the Boardwalk. Families and children will love the Boardwalk. There are two rock climbing walls, and there is also a carousel, the Ultimate Abyss dry slide, AquaTheatre, and the Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade.

Kids will love the Boardwalk, especially the candy store and the portrait studio, and not forgetting the Pets at Sea store where children can create their own stuffed animals. And if you get hungry and candy is not your thing then how about the donut shop. If you want something more than candy and donuts are not your thing, then there are also three restaurants available.

During the day, you can take scuba lessons or just go for a swim in the largest freshwater pool currently available on a cruise ship. Shows are also put on where passengers can enjoy acrobatics, aerialism, synchronized swimming, and high diving from a pair of 30-foot platforms. Got to admit, it gave me vertigo just watching them. What is also incredible is the two giant screens on either side of the pool where you can see what is happening underwater.

Just looking at the Boardwalk and the effort and money put into this zone helps you understand why kids and families give the Oasis of the Seas the thumbs up.


Oasis of the Seas Youth Zone

oasis by the sea

The Oasis of the Seas cruise ship has gone out of its way to provide children with everything they could want from a great holiday.

When you read all the Oasis of the Seas reviews, one part of the ship will always be mentioned, and that is the Youth Zone. Families love this zone, and kids love it more.

The Youth Zone is what it says on the tin. It is designed just for kids. It is one of the best cruise ship’s Youth Zone’s around. TUI cruises could learn a lot about the Oasis of the Seas Youth Zone. Royal Caribbean International has put a lot of thought into this 28,700 square feet zone.

Oasis of the Seas Youth Zone gives kids everything they could want. It provides them with ten great experiences which include an activities area, a gym, and what I love is the theatre where children can put on shows. There is also a workshop for crafts, and there is also an Imagination Studio for art projects. If that is not enough then how about an Adventure Science Lab for kids that love science, and to top it off there is also a video arcade.

The Oasis of the Seas Youth Zone thinks about children of all ages. For children between 6 months and 3 years, there is a Royal Babies & Royal Tots nursery. For older children, there is a disco, living-room-style lounge which is located one deck up.


Central Park On Oasis of the Seas

oasis of the sea

When you read the Oasis of the Seas reviews, and please do, there are thousands of them out there, you will read about Central Park. Couples travelling alone love Central Park.

The Central Park Neighbourhood covers 21,000 square-foot and is an open-air tropical garden with a great adult atmosphere. The tiled pathway which runs from one end of Central Park to the other is one of the most photographed parts of the cruise ship. There are 12,000 trees, vines, plants, and flowers, providing a truly remarkable space.

If you love food, then you will love Central Park. There are many great places to eat which include:


    150 Central Park serves six- to eight-course menus with wine pairings.

    Chops Grill is a Chicago-style steakhouse.

    Giovanni’s Table is a family-style Italian restaurant. It serves pizza, pasta, and other rustic dishes.

    The Park Cafe serves panini sandwiches, soups, and made-to-order salads.

Central Park is a great place to socialize and meet fellow passengers. There is a Vintage wine bar that serves some of the best wines available. They also hold wine tasting events. There is also the open-air Trellis Bar and Rising Tide.

If you love to shop, and ladies this is for you, Central Park has some great shopping outlets and there is also a portrait studio and even an art gallery. The portrait studio is where you can buy prints from the many events that the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas puts on.


The Royal Promenade

royal caribbean oasis of the seas The Royal Promenade acts as a central boulevard for the cruise ship. It is a place to hand out, have fun, meet friends, and have a great time. It is a mixed part of the ship where there are shopping and entertainment venues. There are regular music performances, and this is where you will see the DreamWorks Animation parade where you can get to see Shrek, Penguins, Puss In Boots, and the Madagascar to name a few.

There is also a night club and here is where you will find the popular Atlas Pub and if you like Champagne then the Champagne Bar is just for you. There are also outlets to grab some food and there is also a 24-hour coffee shop.


Oasis Of The Seas Entertainment Place

reviews of oasis of the seas I love the Entertainment Place and by the look of all the Oasis of Seas reviews, I think everyone else does as well.

The Entertainment Place is where it all happens. It does not matter what type of entertainment you like; you will love this part of the cruise ship. It features a comedy club, and if you like to have a dance then there is a disco just for you. There is also a jazz club, and if you like to have a gamble and feel lucky, then why not try the huge casino. The casino is one of the biggest I have seen on a cruise ship. If you love Dancing on Ice, then check out Studio B where you can go skating. If you are not on getting on the ice then watch one of the many professional ice-skating shows.

If you love the best in West-End Shows, then the main theatre will be a real treat for you. They put on great shows and they have many visiting guest performers entertain the passengers. Out of all the cruise ships I have been on, the shows on the Oasis of the Seas are the best.


Pool Decks & Sports Zone

Oasis of the Seas has one of the most unusual pool decks you will come across. It is split right across both sides of the ship with four different options. You have the main traditional pool, and then you have the beach pool which is lots of fun. You also have a sports pool and the H20 Zone water park. You also have adult pools.


Oasis of the Seas Review Conclusion

Everything about the Oasis of the Seas is first class. The designers have thought of everything and made the cruise ship a modern and wonderful floating hotel.

The food on board the ship is amazing, and there is food available for even those children who are fuzzy eaters. No matter what type of food you want, you can find it all on board this magnificent ship.

During my Oasis of the Seas review, the only real negative thing I can say about my cruising experience is the problem of trying to see all the shows. Due to the number of passengers on board, especially during peak season, you will have to be quick if you want to see the great Broadway shows.

The theatres are not big enough. I would have thought they would have been made bigger. If you want to see any of the shows then you must book online in advance, so make sure you do that quickly. Another comment, which is not really a negative comment is the speciality dining options. If you fancy treating yourself then you need to book the speciality dining in advance.

If you are looking for a cruise holiday then the Oasis of the Seas is value for money. It may be a little bit more expensive than some other cruise ships, but if you look at the cabins and everything that is available on board, and the ports you visit, then it is well worth it.

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