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Jewel of the Seas Cruise Review

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Jewel of the Seas Royal Caribbean is a spacious, modern ship with plenty of nightlife and all the trappings of a mega-ship without the huge price tag.

I have been asked for a few years now to provide a Jewel of the Seas Review, so, I gave in, packed my suitcase, grabbed my passport, and jumped on a plane. And what an experience it was.

When I was asked to do the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas review, I was a bit worried and I will explain why. I am not a great lover of these big new modern cruise ships where you don’t get the chance to see the whole ship because it is too big. A lot of the big ships try and get as many people onboard as possible, leaving the cabins smaller. Not knowing much about the Jewel of the Seas, I didn’t know what to expect.

I was happy when I saw the ship close up. As mentioned, I am not a fan of the big cruise ships and prefer smaller ones like the Marella Cruise ships. With the ship being smaller in size, it provides many great benefits. Those benefits include a better onboard experience, a better atmosphere, and more space in your cabins.

What I love about the Jewel of the Seas is the character of the ship and the wide-open public areas. Its impressive glass interiors provide passengers with views across the ocean from almost anywhere on the ship. Talking about views of the ocean, the glass elevators face the sea which gives you some amazing views.

jewel of the sea reviews

There is so much to do on the Jewel of the Seas. It doesn’t matter what age you are, there is something for everyone. During the day you have the normal entertainment you have on most cruise ships that include trivia sessions, and line dancing.

Facilities available include a climbing wall, a basketball court, fitness centre, golf course, golf simulator, 2 swimming pools, and a children’s swimming pool. Internet access is available if you want to keep the children happy or want to surf the net and do some shopping. If you are looking to relax then you can visit the beauty salon or relax in the hot tub or read a book in the library. Like most cruise ships there are also shops available.

One thing that has always puzzled me, why go on holiday and then spend all day in the gym or exercising outside. Me, I like to get a suntan around the pool or have a few drinks in the outside bar. But if you are a fitness fanatic then you are catered for. There is a fitness centre as mentioned, and there is also a running track. The gym is impressive with all the latest fitness equipment.

In the evening, you have an amazing cabaret, live piano music, and after a couple of drinks, you can have fun on the Karaoke. If you fancy a flutter, then you can try the onboard casino. There are 13 bars, clubs, and lounges to choose from. From all the cruise ships I have been on the The Jewel of the Seas three-story theatre is impressive.

As soon as you walk onto the ship you are treated like Royalty. The team cannot do enough for you. It doesn’t matter if you pass one of the chambermaids, or visit one of the many bars, you are welcomed with a big smile.

Out of all the cruise ships I have been on; I must admit that this one is one of my favourites. There are lots of things to do, and it is also a friendly ship, but those on a budget will love the prices on offer. If you are looking for a great cruise holiday, then you must try the Jewel of the Seas Royal Caribbean


How Many Passengers Can The Jewel of the Seas Carry?


The Jewel of the Seas Royal Caribbean is an incredible cruise ship that can carry 2,112-passengers. It may not be the biggest cruise ship in the fleet, but in my opinion, it is one of the best. It is an elegant and comfortable ship, and for what you get, it is very affordable.


When Was The Jewel of the Seas Built?


The ship was built in 2004 costing USD 350 million. Measuring 293 m / 961 ft, with 13 Decks and 1072 cabins and carrying a crew of 859. It was christened by Kathy Mellor and has become a much-loved with holidaymakers.


Has The Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas Been Refurbished?


The Jewel of the Seas refurbishment took place in April 2016. It +went through an extensive modernisation program. Several new restaurants were added, and other upgrades included a new wine bar and poolside movie screens. This renovation went down well with cruise lovers as you can see from the many Jewel of the Seas Reviews.


The Jewel of the Seas Cabins

the jewel of the seas reviews

The cabins range from 108-square-foot which is great for solo travellers, to 1,107-square-foot suites. Other cabin options include Oceanview and Balcony cabins.


Jewel of the Seas Dining Options

jewel of the seas

Guests aboard the Jewel of the Seas can enjoy a variety of dining options. Like most cruise ships, everyone is catered for no matter if you like buffet food or luxury cuisine. There are eight dining options available including five specialty venues which come with an extra fee. My favourite was the Chops Grille steakhouse.


Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas Dress Code


The dress code during the day is like most cruise ships where passengers can dress casually. On formal nights most cruise ship passengers dress to impress. It is more relaxed on the Jewel of the Seas. I would say around one out of every eight men were dressed in full dinner jackets, while others were more casual but still very smart. Women on the other hand were wearing cocktail dresses while some wore ball gowns. I must admit, formal nights are my favourite when I go on cruise holidays.


Who is Jewel of the Seas Best For?


With so much to do for the whole family, the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas is perfect for families. Adults and children have so much to do on the ship they will never be bored and as you will find on the last day, they won’t want to leave.

The young ones can enjoy the playroom and the kiddie pool that has a slide. For the teens, they have their own disco. Mum’s and dad’s can go for a swim or laze around the pool or catch up on their reading or emails in the many ocean-view lounges. There is even a climbing wall to keep both adults and children entertained, mini-golf, and a basketball court, and not forgetting the poolside movie screen.


For Couples:

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship is perfect for families and couples. However, my advice for couples looking for a great cruise holiday is to go when the children are back at school. So, avoid the summer holidays. I have read many Jewel of the Seas Reviews that agree with me.

By going on the Jewel of the Seas when the children are at school, you will be able to appreciate the nightlife and dining options more. And, you will have more chances of getting a sunbed around the pool.


Jewel of the Seas ship highlights


    Adults-only Solarium

    Adventure Ocean kids’ club for ages 3 to 11

    40-foot-high rock-climbing wall

    Full-service Vitality spa

    Basketball and volleyball courts

    Live bands featuring world-class musicians.

    Interactive game shows like Battle of the Sexes

    After-dark pool party with DJ, drinks, and a midnight buffet

    Mini golf

    Mystery dinner theatre

    3 pools and 3 whirlpools

    Original productions, such as City of Dreams and West End to Broadway

    Adventure Beach kids’ pool and waterslide

    Casino Royale

    Structured activities including culinary classes, dance lessons, and scrapbooking workshops.

    Teen disco

If you have anything to add to our Jewel of the Seas cruise ship review, then please post it on our official Twitter page, and post your images.

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