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Fake Bank Notes In Circulation in Lincolnshire

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  • Police are warning people living and visiting Lincolnshire that there of fake notes being used in the area

Lincolnshire Police warn of fake bank notes used in Lincolnshire including in Mablethorpe, Holbeach, and Boston.

A warning has been issued by Lincolnshire Police to check any notes that people may have or when they are receiving notes after a purchase. This is due to the alarming increase in reports of fake notes in circulation.

Over the weekend there has been three separate incidents reported where fake notes were used. The first case was on 12th June where a £50 note was used to pay for fuel on Alford Road, Mablethorpe.

The next incident occurred at a shop on Boston Road South, Holbeach, where fake £10 and £20 notes were used in a shop.

The third incident occurred in Boston when someone used a fake £50 note in a shop on Strait Bargate, Boston.

Lincolnshire Police are asking people living in the area and visiting Lincolnshire including Skegness, to be vigilant when being handed a note. If anyone suspects that they have been given a fake note, they are asked to report.

The Bank of England’s website has details of how to spot a fake bank note, or a local bank can also offer the same guidance.


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