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X Factor Judge Simon Cowell shocks fans

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Simon Cowell the X Factor judge has annoyed and shocked fans after it was revealed that he had dropped the winner of the first series of Britain’s Got Talent show, Paul Potts. Paul Potts fans have slated Simon Cowell for cruelly dumping the singer and have posted on forums calling for the music manager to stop dropping stars once he has made his money from them.

The former mobile phone salesman Paul Potts had worldwide success with two hit albums after winning the show in 2007. Simon Cowell at the time said life would never be the same for the former salesman but I do not think that Paul Potts ever imagined that would mean his heart being broken.

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Fans have said they are not surprised by the news with some fans calling Simon Cowell a vulture and a money grabber, dropping his reality stars as quick as he finds them.

One fan said: It’s what Simon does best. Talent programme – make a lot of money from deluded hopefuls – at first signs of decline get rid. What was that saying – something about being nice to people on the way up because you may meet them on the way down. Take heed Simon.

Paul Potts is reported to be shocked at the news and confused as the singer is half way through recording a new album leaving him wondering what has all the recent hard work been about and if the new album will be completed.     

A source revealed: “Simon thinks the game’s up for Paul. They no longer saw eye to eye on everything and parted ways.”

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