Thursday, May 19, 2022

Loose Women Nadia Sawalha Poses Naked

Nadia Sawalha poses naked to recreate Gwyneth Paltrow’s naked picture


Popular Loose Women and former Eastenders star Nadia Sawalha decided to recreate Gwyneth Paltrow’s naked picture by posing nude in her London garden. Nadia Sawalha who has an incredible body for a 55-year-old and looks more like a 30-year-old, posed nude holding a tub of Lurpak to mock Gwyneth Paltrow’s claims that body butter gave her the confidence to pose nude.

48-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow posed nude to celebrate her birthday. She credited her amazing figure and the confidence to pose nude on her Goop body butter. Nadia Sawalha responded and joked that she uses real butter to get a young body.

Gwyneth paltrow naked
Gwyneth said Goop body butter gave her the confidence to strip off (Image: gwynethpaltrow/Instagram)

She wrote: “So apparently  @gwynethpaltrow  uses her  @goop  body butter to give her the confidence to go naked in her garden !!!

“I always knew me and Gwinnie Gwin Gwins had something in common !!! I too use butter to help me go naked !! Lashings if the stuff !!!

Since Loose Women Star Nadia Sawalha posed nude she has received lots of support from her fans. Many cannot believe she is 55, with many saying she has a body of someone who is twenty years younger.


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