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Coronation Street Audrey Is Shocked Over Lewis

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Coronation Street Audrey is worried about Lewis; she feels something bad must have happened to him with him not being in contact with her. However, Audrey is shocked when a face from Lewis past turns up on the street.


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The face from Lewis past called Penny, tells Audrey that she knows Lewis as Hugh, she also shocks Audrey when she tells her that he conned her and did a runner with thousands of pounds of her money. Penny tells Audrey they were lovers until Lewis ran off with all of her money and explains she saw Lewis on the Eurostar and he ran off.

‘Coronation Audrey Is Being Watched’


Audrey is still convinced that something bad has happened and tells people that Lewis does love her. Later at Emily’s birthday party Audrey is not happy when she spots Rita, Dennis and Norris talking to Gail over Lewis. An angry Audrey admits to Norris that she has been stupid again and fell for Lewis lies.

Meanwhile down on Coronation Street, Mary has another theme night, which goes down as a huge success, leaving Nick to get angry that Mary is taking away his customers.


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