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NHS Doctors Want Matt Hancock Sacked Over Affair with Gina Coladangelo

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Top NHS Doctors and Doctors’ Association UK have called on Boris Johnson to sack Matt Hancock after it was reported that he had an affair with Gina Coladangelo and broke Covid Rules.

Matt Hancock has caused uproar after it was revealed he cheated on his wife while at the same time insulting the hard-working NHS team by breaking Covid rules that he helped to implement. After he refused to resign, and after spineless Boris Johnson refused to sack him, the Doctors’ Association UK has called Matt Hancock a hypocrite.

The Doctors’ Association UK which is the voice of frontline doctors has said that Matt Hancock does not appreciate the gravity of the situation that the front line has faced over the last year and a half.

Senior NHS doctors are appealing to Boris Johnson to Sack Matt Hancock and have said the Heath Secretary has shown utter contempt.

Matt Hancock has refused to resign as Health Secretary even though NHS Doctors and Nurses and members of his constituency have called for him to go.

Matt hancock affairThe Health Secretary has said in a statement that he is sorry but denies breaking any rules. He also claims that his relationship with Gina Coladangelo is a private matter.

Dr Rachel Clarke, a palliative care specialist based in Oxford, said: “I think it’s absolutely risible of him to pretend that a) this is a private matter and b) that he has not broken the rules.

“He’s the actual architect of the very rules he’s broken, for heaven’s sake – his hypocrisy is breathtaking. And that’s even before you consider his previous sanctimoniousness in condemning [Imperial College professor] Neil Ferguson for similar rule-breaking.

“If he won’t do the decent thing and resign then the Prime Minister simply has to sack him. It was bad enough to treat the public as fools over Dominic Cummings’ rule-breaking. To do it again now with the actual Health Secretary would be treating the public with utter contempt. None of this is about infidelity per se, it’s about public probity – and Matt Hancock has demonstrated he hasn’t a jot of it.”

Boris Johnson is sticking by Matt Hancock by saying the ‘matter is closed. However, according to NHS Doctors and nurses, the matter is far from closed.

A survey we conducted with our readers also found the matter was far from closed. We asked 1000 of our readers if they felt Matt Hancock should be sacked or should resign. 95% said he should go. When asked if the Conservative Government has lost the trust of the British Public 85% said yes.

Boris Johnson may not be worried about losing at the next General Election, especially if the stories are true that he intends to step down within two years. However, if he does decide to stay on as Prime Minister and lead his party at the next General Election, by not sacking Matt Hancock will put his party in serious danger of becoming the opposition and giving Labour the key of Number 10.



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