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Better World Resources LLC brings on Stoked Earth as a distributor for examination gloves

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Austin-based company will focus on developing US government contracts with organizations such as Department of Veterans Affairs

Stoked Earth, a company leading the fight against COVID-19, has been brought on by Better World Resources LLC as a distributor to meet the ever-growing need for medical PPE. The Austin-based company distributes innovative products and solutions to build a stronger planet; and is helping to solve issues in connection to the COVID-19 pandemic and disruptions to the medical supply chain. Stoked Earth is able to distribute PPE to the frontlines and keep people safe during these times.

Stoked Earth will focus on developing contracts with the United States government. One such organization Stoked Earth aims to work with is the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Dre Health examination gloves are one of the key PPE products Stoked Earth will sub-distribute. Examination gloves are the first layer of protection for healthcare workers and patients. Dre Health examination gloves are manufactured to high professional standards and quality. This ensures the safety of healthcare workers each day.

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Stoked Earth will sub-distribute products including surgical nitrile, latex, nitrile/vinyl, and vinyl gloves. Each type of examination glove meets a different need in the medical industry. Dre Health’s nitrile gloves are produced for medical professionals to prevent contracting infections. Vinyl gloves are clinically proven effective, affordable, and non-biodegradable. Finally, latex gloves are flexible and comfortable. This makes them ideal for the medical, automotive, and food service sectors.

By partnering with Better World Resources, Stoked Earth is able to meet supply chain needs for clients large and small. The company aims to build new and strengthen existing relationships with organizations as a distributor to Better World Resources LLC’s range of products.

For more information about Better World Health LLC and its products, please visit To learn more about Stoked Earth, please visit

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