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M-ART Talk About Their Art Show Featuring Global Artists

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When we think of art, we think of names that include Banksy, Vincent van Gogh, and Andy Warhol. Before Banksy came on the scene with his street art, art was like an exclusive club for the rich and the famous. But thanks to Banksy art has become more accessible and more younger people are now enjoying art of all Eras.

Banksy is not the only one who is looking to make art more accessible, M-ART who has announced they are launching a groundbreaking virtual art experience want more people to enjoy art.

M-ART is opening its Virtual Doors During Art Miami Week: A Pioneering Metaverse Art Show Featuring Global Artists. This event is aimed at bringing the artworld together and promoting new art to a wider audience. We decided to learn more about the event and sat down with the CEO of M-ART, this is what he had to say.

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 Insta Fman

Please introduce yourself.

“I’m Johnessco Rodriguez, the CEO of M-ART, an innovator at the crossroads of art and technology. My background spans over 25 years in international business including the promotion of Fine Art, IT, and now leveraging the blockchain technology for environmental purposes. I love driving forward the fusion of these worlds with innovation and passion.”

How did you come up with the idea of M-ART?

“M-ART was born from a vision to bridge the gap between traditional art appreciation and the boundless possibilities of digital realms. After over 15 years running art fairs in different corners of the world, we recognized an untapped opportunity to bring the art world into the metaverse, making it more accessible and engaging for a global audience that can avoid the travel to destinations hosting the shows in the first place; or who are in at destination but want to reach and easily explore other options at the same time.”

 Insta Norma

You have announced that you are set to unveil a groundbreaking virtual art experience, can you explain more about that?

“Absolutely. Our virtual art experience is a fully immersive journey into digital artistry. It combines cutting-edge VR technology with the creativity of artists worldwide, creating a space where art isn’t just viewed, but experienced in a multidimensional and interactive environment. This is not just for digital artist but for traditional visual artists and galleries, we are inviting them to take advance of the existing technology to maximize their visibility, create a new network and enhance their sales.”


Why have you decided to open your virtual doors during Art Miami Week?

“Art Miami Week is a beacon for art enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. By launching during this time, we tap into the heightened interest in art and introduce our innovative platform when the art world’s eyes are already keenly focused on groundbreaking and emerging technology trends.”

Who are you hoping to attract and what age group?

“We’re targeting a broad audience, but particularly the tech-savvy art collectors and individuals across all age groups. Our aim is to appeal to traditional art lovers as well as a younger, digitally native generation who may be experiencing high-caliber art in this innovative format for the first time. It is never to early to start collecting art and with the cryptocurrencies and NFTs etc., many people are showing a higher interest to explore the world of art.”

You say that you are hoping to connect art lovers with emerging talent from around the world, can you drop any names?

“WE can expect to see works from artists like Norma Duncan, who is at the forefront of digital art, who’s artwork eempowers women and promotes world peace, Jame st-Laurent who with his photo camera captures the soul of objects, forms and landscapes; Kaola Otty, the erotic princess with surrealistic erotic artwork that challenges and entices. Along with a roster of emerging artists from various continents, each bringing their unique perspectives and digital artistry.”

 Insta Kaola.

Do you believe this event will help to promote up-and-coming artists?

“Absolutely. This platform is designed to spotlight emerging talent, giving them unparalleled exposure to an international audience that might not have been possible through traditional galleries or exhibitions.”


You are recommending people to experience the show using a VR device, can I ask why?

“All visitors can access the show with the use of their computers, tablets, or cellphones, however, using a VR device elevates the experience from simply viewing art to being completely immersed in it. This technology allows viewers to interact with the art while being part of the exhibition, breaking the boundaries of traditional art appreciation and offering a deeply personal and engaging experience where people can immediately socialize and create business opportunities.”

Are you hoping the event will attract people who have never had an interest in art before?

“Yes, one of our primary goals is to make art more accessible and appealing to everyone, including those who might not have shown an interest in traditional art forms. By leveraging technology, we’re offering a fresh, exciting way to experience art that we believe has a wide appeal. Specially for the new wave of crypto or digital investors, this is certainly a call for them and opportunity to diversify their investments.”

Do you think this will become a yearly event?

“Our vision is to not only make this a yearly event but to continuously evolve and expand it, making M-ART a staple in both the art and digital worlds, and a highlight of the main art calendar such as Miami, Hong Kong, Basel, Paris, Mexico, India and of course the city that never sleeps, New York.”

To join this virtual art extravaganza, please visit the following link: visit the following link: VISIT M-ART

Media Contact
Company Name: M-ART
Contact Person: Bryan Blum Dir. Public Relations

Phone: +1 (650) 993-9202
Country: United States

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