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Jordy Schulz Fitness Helping People To Get In Shape

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Personal fitness trainer provides one-to-one training sessions focused on reducing fat


Jordy Schulz Fitness has officially launched in Edmonton with one-to-one personal training sessions. Founded by Jordy Schulz, clients can work with the certified personal trainer in his private training studio to get mentally and physically fit and healthy.

“I don’t believe in destroying the body to get fit,” Schulz said. “I believe in doing what works and reducing fat. Clients need to see fitness as something that is fun. They can see themselves getting stronger, faster, and more flexible. I like to implement a good set of strength-based goals and not repetitive workouts to keep people motivated and having fun. If the sessions are fun, then clients will stay focused on their goals.”

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According to data compiled by Health Infobase Canada in 2021, more than 25% of Canadians were obese. Rates of obesity were higher in men than women, and health issues associated with obesity cause a variety of additional problems in those carrying access weight.

Some people do not have the motivation to continue a workout program. While others do not know how to address their fitness needs at the gym. In addition, there are some individuals who are afraid to workout at gyms due to the fear of judgement from other gymgoers.

Jordy Schulz Fitness runs every session at a private training studio, allowing clients to get fit without judgement from other individuals. Sessions are one-to-one, giving each client the chance to get the most out of their workouts. Clients will learn the exercises that work best for their goals, while having a personal trainer to motivate them to achieve their objectives.

“It’s exciting watching others being able to do something that was impossible for them even a week ago,” Schulz explained. “You hear people say that our body is just a vessel for our brain, but really, we need both to be healthy, to have not just a longer life, but a better quality one, too.”

Jordy Shulz Fitness has just launched in the Edmonton area. Clients can contact Schulz to set-up their personal training plans and sessions. For more information, please visit Jordy Schulz Fitness’s website and social media pages.

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