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From Berlin with An Edge: A New Challenger Is Talking on the Razor Blade Industry

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My-Blades are made from over 80% recycled metals and melted without the use of fossil energy.

My-Blades, a burgeoning startup hailing from Berlin, is poised to radically transform the razor blade market with the world’s first sustainable razor blade made from over 80% recycled metals. After an intensive four-year development process, in collaboration with globally recognized barbers, the company has engineered a blade that promises both environmental responsibility and an unparalleled shaving experience. The fundraising campaign is now live on Indiegogo.

Traditional steel manufacturing is notorious for its ecological footprint, chiefly its high CO2 emissions stemming from the energy-intensive refining process. My-Blades seeks to mitigate this environmental impact by championing the use of recycled high-grade stainless steel. Beyond the blade itself, the company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability with eco-conscious packaging. Ditching the norm of plastic wrapper, My-Blades packages its product in a fully recyclable dual-layer paper wrapper, underscoring its pledge to the environment.

The unique selling proposition of the blade isn’t just its eco-friendliness. A key differentiator is the gentle nature of the blade, making it a perfect fit for both amateur and professional shaving enthusiasts. Tested extensively with expert barbers over the years, the product promises the pinnacle of shaving precision without compromising on skin comfort. The company’s apt slogan, “gentle to skin and environment,” encapsulates its mission succinctly.

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A spokesperson from My-Blades commented, “We recognized a glaring gap in the market where sustainability was often sacrificed for performance. With My-Blades, users no longer need to make that choice. Our blades not only provide a superior shaving experience but also ensure customers can feel good about reducing their carbon footprint.”

While My-Blades’ innovation primarily targets the barbershop sector, its universal compatibility ensures a broader appeal. The blades have been designed to work seamlessly with all traditional standard safety razors, including popular shaving tools like the classic barber’s knife, shaving blade, or leaf razor.

This Berlin startup’s ambitious endeavor is being showcased on Indiegogo, where the team aims to generate momentum and attract backers who share their vision for a sustainable shaving future. As more consumers become environmentally conscious, innovations like My-Blades are primed to lead market trends.

The launch of My-Blades is a testament to what innovative thinking, dedication, and collaboration can achieve. As they make their mark in the razor blade industry, they pave the way for more eco-conscious products in everyday categories, challenging the status quo and setting new industry benchmarks.

For more information on My-Blades, users can either visit the official Indiegogo campaign page or website: www.my-blades.com, www.myblades.com.


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